Monday, 18 April 2016

Recommendation for drama queen - holiday reading

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I have this book and I think that many girls will like it too. I recommend this book to girls aged 9 and up. I recommend this book because it’s funny sometimes and it has lots of drama. I also recommend this book to girls because it has some stories are about Nikki’s crush. If you want to find out who that is, read this book and you will be hooked in and will have finished the book in no time. I think that the girls in LS2 should read this book, because many of the girls in LS2 enjoy diaries and drama.

This is one of my holiday reading activities. I have read one of the 'dork diaries' series. I read 'drama queen', written by Rachel Renee Russell. This is a book with lots of drama with Mackenzie Hollister and Nikki Maxwell.


  1. Hi Nazella,
    I like how you added why girls might like this book.

  2. Is there anyone in particular you think would like this book?

  3. Hi Nazella, I like how you have explained what kind of book it is and I really like funny books. I wonder if boys would like this book.