Thursday, 30 June 2016


Today we had orienteering, I worked with Mia and Zahra. We had 20 control pols to find all over the school. It was very fun. My time is 13:20. I think that I could improve next time. 

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Ski Trip DLO

This is my reading DLO. We were reading a story from a school journal called Ski Trip. I learnt about proverbs in this story. All the year 7's could make a connection with this story because they needed to save money so that they could go to a trip, and next year the year 7's are going to camp.

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

China Follow up

This is my China follow up DLO. I had to research about many things like an important person. Our inquiry topic is 'out global neighbors.' 

American Slavery Speech

American slavery is the worst thing that happened in American history. What do you think? I agree with this statement. I think that this was an awful thing that happened in history. I will be talking about how American slavery affected human rights, the slaves treatment as well as the amount of people who got killed. The tasks that these slaves had and information about the triangular slave trade.

American slavery affected human rights! Human rights is the rights you have simply because you’re human. American slavery was a type of slavery which was legal in America in the 1620 to 1865. Slaves weren’t free, they had to work or else they would be punished or worse murdered. How would you feel if this happened to you or your parents? This is why I state that American slavery is the worst thing that happened in American history.

The way these slaves got treated and the amount of people who died is absolutely disgusting! The way that these slaves were treated was very harsh! The owners of the slaves thought they could do anything to the slaves. They thought that this was ok. The white slave owners chose dark skinned people only because they hated them. Over 10 million people died either because they got, murdered, committed suicide, died because of the journeys around the atlantic sea, starved to death and more.

The work that some slaves had to do was very harsh. They would have to work day til night every single day. There were many jobs for the slaves like harvesting sugar canes, women would have to work in people’s houses and growing crops.

The triangular slave trade is about the trading between 3 continents, Europe, Africa and Americas. America offered raw materials like sugar and cotton to Europe, Europe offered Africa some manufactured goods, Africa on the other hand realised they didn’t have anything to give, so they just sent slaves to America. African tribes would kidnap people from different African tribes and send them to America. Many slaves on board got thrown out. Men on board got chained on the floor, sometimes they got chained to a shelf.

Do you see why slavery in America was so terrible? Most of the white, rich people kept on abusing the dark skinned people from Africa. Do you think that this is fair?

Today, we had to talk about our speech in our thinking groups. My speech was about my statement that I have chose, American slavery is the worst thing that happened in American history. Then after I said my speech, Calvin, Nesi and Evelyn chose how I did on a rubric. In the rubric I saw that I have to talk louder! 

Thursday, 23 June 2016


Today we had orienteering . We started to go around the school today, I worked with Sa Kae and had lots of fun. We had 4 courses to complete. It was very muddy, but we still continued and came 5th or 4th place. 

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Current Events

This is my current events DLO. I had to choose a current event and answer all the questions given. I chose the article from NZ herald. This girl had poison ivy all over her face which made her eyes swollen.  

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Peter Jackson DLO

This is my DLO about Peter Jackson. We had to research about him as we watched one of his documentaries called 'Forgotten Silver' which is about Colin Mackenzie. Colin created a camera which captured color and talking. Colin was trying to make a movie from the bible but there were some errors with the money. 

Friday, 10 June 2016

Conflict about aliens

This is my reading activity. I had to read about how some people beleive that Abner Doubleday is the father of basebell, while some other people beleive that Alexander Joy Cartwrigh is the father of baseball. At the end, we thought that Alexander Joy Cartwrigh was the father of baseball as he has more primary sources. We then had to make our own conflict, I worked with Calvin and Sakae to make a conflict about aliens.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Thailand Follow Up

 This is my Thailand follow up, I learnt about the emblem, flag, some famous places, what a Wai is and also some important words in Thai. Our LI was to learn more about our global neighbors. 

India DLO

This is my DLO about India. I was learning about the food, the flag, the emblem and the famous places. Our LI is to learn more about our global neighbors. 

Japan Follow Up

This is my Japan's follow up that I did with Mia. We were learning more about Japan. I really like the game we played with the chop sticks which made us learn how to say 'Konichiwa' and 'Sayonara,' our LI is to learn about our global neighbors. 

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Blog Post Data Analysis

 This DLO has my bar graph of my blog posts from 2013 - 2016. Our LI: To carry a statistical inquiry. I had to make a graph and write reasons that could be why I had only had a little amount of blog posts.