Friday, 26 February 2016


Yesterday, we had a trusting session. We had a challenge to test us with our trusting  skills. We had to be in a boy and a girl group, I worked with Oh Hsen and he trusted me and I trusted him. I closed my eyes and Oh Hsen walked me around with my eyes closed around the LS2 balcony and stairs. I trusted him, so I didn't open my eyes. Then it was Oh Hsen's turn, he also didn't open his eyes because he trusted me.

Smoothies at Tech

Inline images 6
Today at tech we made smoothies. We went to the classroom T9 because Mrs Hekka was away so we had a different teacher. We first had to get some frozen berries and get a cup of milk and also a flavored yogurt. We had to put everything inside the measuring bowl and steer everything together. We then received a blender from group number 3, we put everything from the measuring bowl into the blender and waited for 5 minutes. We then put all of it in our cups and drank, fruity!

Home Learning Week 4

This is my Taj Mahal homework for this week. I really liked working with Gozan and learning more about Taj Mahal because I never knew it was the resting place of Mumtaz Mahal. I was learning how to use smart searching skills,use my own words and to acknowledge the websites that we used.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Tech - Milkshakes

 Last week on Friday the  year seven's had their first ever session on tech. Everyone was excited and curious on which classroom we will be going to. We arrived and our teacher lead us to the classroom, everyone knew that we were going to be cooking. We made chocolate milk shakes. Everyone had turns in getting the equipment like ice cream, the syrup, and milk and more. In my group I have Zahra, Sa Kae, Oh Hsen and me. Then we received a blender and we mixed the ice cream, the syrup and milk and chocolate powder. We received cups and finally we got to drink the milk shake. Yummy!!

On Target Follow Up Activity

This is today's work for reading, I had to read the story On Target and find out what the authors main purpose was we also had to complete a follow up. We had to guess what would happen next, what I did that helped me guess was to look at the ending of the book and think that I was the author. I learnt the 3 purposes of stories that the authors make, to entertain, to persuade or to inform.

Monday, 22 February 2016

Protect Maths

This is my protec maths results from today. I am not proud of my results because they're really low, to get better results I will work at home on my basic facts. By the end of the term I hope to get all these questions right.

Home Learning Week 3

This is my home learning, I collaboratively worked with Mia and had to search about the "Sydney Opera House". I really like the home learning because you can search about other people's important places. We are learning to use smart searching skills. 

Friday, 19 February 2016

My Class Reflectioin

All About Me

My name is Nazella and I am a year seven in Panmure Bridge School. So far my journey in LS2 has been great with Mrs Anderson, Miss Donaldson and Mrs Kirkpatrick. I love the new classroom that have the opportunity to work in. My blog post goal at the end all of the terms will be 65.

Kaleidoscope Art


This is my kaleidoscope art which I did with Miss Kirkpatrick. I think that the colours are very nice together. I really like how a square appeared after I finished my name. I really like this activity because it was really fun how we all ended up with different shapes in the middle. I am really satisfied that I ended up with amazing colours.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016


This is my T.R.U.M.P poster. We were learning how to collaborate with other people. I worked with Nesi, Evylen,CJ and Calvin. I learnt how to use a camera and how to work with other people. I really liked this activty and working with people from Room 5. I learnt what T.R.U.M.P means aswell, T is for Thinking, R is for Relating to others, U means Understanding symbols, texts, M is for Managing ourselves and P is for Participating.

Friday, 12 February 2016

Stretching Sentences

This is my stretching sentence presentations. LI: Use who, what, when, where and why to make a sentence powerful and amazing. I learnt how to make an boring old sentence and transform, you could use this for writing. I worked with Sa Kae and made, "the boy ran" to a very interesting sentence.

Thursday, 11 February 2016

CSP writing orientation structure

This week for writing we learnt the structure CSP which means, characters,settings and problem. CSP is mainly used for the orientation. We had many different prompts with pictures. We then had to plan and write.This is what I wrote.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

About LS2

This is a collaborative google drawing which I did with Zahra.I used a google draw to type all of the information. We did this to learn more about analyzing and planning statistical . I learnt  The warehouse is very popular. My LI was: to plan a statistical graph and to analyse a statistical inquiry.