Friday, 29 April 2016

Book Casting

Bailee Madison as Nikki Maxwell. 
Nikki Maxwell is the girl who had the diary but then it got stolen.

Brandon Roberts can be played by Cameron Boyce.
Brandon Roberts is the boy that has a crush on Nikki, Nikki also like this boy. 

Acacia Brinley as Chloe Gracia.
Chloe is one of Nikki's bestest friends.

Rowan Blanchard as Zoe Franklin.
Zoe is one of Nikki's bestest friends. 

Mckenna Grace as MacKenzie Hollister's sister.
MacKenzie Hollister's sister, Amanda Hollister has a scene in the book in the mall. 

Peyton List as MacKenzie Hollister.
MacKenzie Holister is the girl who steals the diary from Nikki. 

For this holiday reading activity I had to choose people that could play some people from the story that we have read. I have read the book, Dork Diaries 9: Tales From a Not-So-Dorky Drama Queen, this book comes from the series from Rachel Renee Russel. 

Monday, 18 April 2016

Rettelling 'drama queen' - holiday reading

Nikki loses her diary, until the day that MacKenzie was packing to go to her other school, when the diary fell, Nikki quickly grabbed it.

For this holiday reading challenge I had to retell the story within 25 words. This was very difficult because there was many more words I wanted to add. I had to really get the main points of the story so that I could only have 25 words. I read one of the 'dork diaries' series, 'drama queen'. This book is about crushes and drama and many more. I read one of the stories of the 'dork diaries' series made from Rachel Renee Russel, 'drama queen'.

New cover for 'drama queen' - holiday reading

 For this holiday reading activity, I had to make a new cover. I thought that I could make a new cover for one of the 'dork diary' series book called 'drama queen' made by Rachel Renee Russel. I think mine one is a little bit better because it clearly shows what has happened a little bit. It clearly shows what happened because it has a diary in the middle and in the end of both lines of the two squares it has different names and in the top of both lines it has different dates, so that could mean that MacKenzie stole Nikki's diary, which did happen in the story. 

Recommendation for drama queen - holiday reading

Image result for dork diaries 9
I have this book and I think that many girls will like it too. I recommend this book to girls aged 9 and up. I recommend this book because it’s funny sometimes and it has lots of drama. I also recommend this book to girls because it has some stories are about Nikki’s crush. If you want to find out who that is, read this book and you will be hooked in and will have finished the book in no time. I think that the girls in LS2 should read this book, because many of the girls in LS2 enjoy diaries and drama.

This is one of my holiday reading activities. I have read one of the 'dork diaries' series. I read 'drama queen', written by Rachel Renee Russell. This is a book with lots of drama with Mackenzie Hollister and Nikki Maxwell.

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Drawing of the setting - holiday reading

This is one of my holiday reading activity. I had to draw one of the settings from a book. I was reading 'The lost letters', from, STILTON, Geronimo. The setting in this drawing outside, on the ice skate floor, and I know this because someone says: "I get it! But skating isn't hard. You just need to bend your knees a little, keep your weight forward, and then let yourself glide." This is an adventurous type of book, as well as a book about friendship with 5 friends.

Friday, 15 April 2016

E-ako maths place value - exploring the thousands and hundreds


This week for maths I was learning place value one e-ako maths.Our main focus on e-ako maths is place value. I like e-ako maths because you get to learn more, and you learn new things.

English Spelling Bee - Chunk: un

Today for spelling I played a game. I had to listen to a sentence then I had to type it in, so that the sentence could make sense. The score goes less ever second so you have to type very fast. 

Word search - chunk: un

Today, I played a spelling game which was alike to a word search, I had to find words with the chunk un. This was a really fun game. I found the words very fast because I was only looking for the chunk: un. 

Spelling chunks: un

Today for spelling we had to find words with the chunk un. I had to find some from the dictionary then play 3 games. I found tons like, unhappy, unbearable and unlock. 

E-ako maths place value - exploring hundreds and thousands

For this week, I was practicing my maths on e-ako maths. I was learning about place value, I really like this session on e-ako maths because I was challenging myself with the more harder questions.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

ANZAC letter

This week for writing we had to make a letter based on Charlie May's Secert Diary from the war. While we were reading his diary, we had to make notes, so when we made our own letter we could act as if we're Charlie May writing the letter. We had to make clear notes. We then had to make the letter. We had to act as if we were in the trenches and wrote the letter. This was a fun activity because we were pretending to be a solider who was in the trenches.

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

ANZAC poems main idea

This week for reading, we were reading ANZAC poems, like the soilder who never returned and many more. Zahra and I had to find the main idea, and how we know this (details 1,2 and 3). There were clues in the poem and the title as well. The details are evidence that the main idea is correct. LI: to find the main idea. The main idea tells us what the text is mainly telling us. 

How to write a narrative DLO

Today for writing I had to make a DLO with a partner (Zahra) about the steps of making a narrative, there is planning, framework and buddy checking as well as teacher checking. 

Monday, 11 April 2016

E-ako maths place value - exploring teens and hundreds

Today, for maths, I was playing on e-ako maths. I was learning place value, I was learning teens and hundreds in place value. I really like this session on e-ako maths because I was learning more about how many numbers there are in all of numbers.

Friday, 8 April 2016

Science Planning House for The Elephant Toothpaste experiment

This week, Miss David and Miss Dudding came to our school (from Edgewater College) to show us the elephant toothpaste experiment. We had to observe, some people even tried the experiment with Miss Davis. We then had to make a science planning house about what we wanted to aim, what things we need, our hypothesis, what will we have to do and what we found out in the end. Our LI was to write a science planning house about the elephant toothpaste experiment.

E-ako maths place value - exploring teens and hundreds

This week for e-ako maths, I was understanding place value. I had different strategies to make the answer like putting the right digits into the right place value house.  I really like e-ako maths because you get to learn more deeply into place value.

Upside Down Mango Cake at Tech

Today for tech we made upside down mango cake. We had to get all the ingredients, (maple syrup, mago, flour, egg, butter, castel sugar, icing sugar). We then had to slice the mango into length wise. We had to add them to the cooking pan, but before that, we had to grab some cooking paper so that the cake doesn't stick to the cooking pan and then we had to add maple syrup at the bottom. We then had to add the mango slices on top of the maple syrup. Then we had to mix the castel sugar with the flour and add the 2 eggs later on. We had to mix for until it was creamy and soft. We then added the mixture into the cooking pan and finally Mrs Hekka cooked it into the oven. When it came out it was delicious!

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Statue Of Liberty - Home Learning

This week for home learning I worked collaboratively with Zahra to learn more about the Statue of Liberty. I learnt more than I thought I would. One fact: the Statue Of Liberty has 354 stairs that goes to the top. 

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Place Value Game

Today, I played a place value game. I had to understand how many hundreds, tens, ones. I learnt how to easily identify the hundreds, tens and ones. There were 10 questions to answer. 

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Zahra and Nazella- I Fake Text - Current Events - Bus Driver and Public

Today we were exploring points of views, we learnt about bios (1 point of view). We then had to make an iFaketext to show the different sides of the public and the bus drivers. The bus drivers point of view is unsatisfied with the money and the breaks also the long hours. The public's point of view were unhappy and confused with what was happening with the buses. The public were also supportive with their point of views. It is imortant to look at the different sides of the stories/provocation because many people have different bias's, like Miss Donaldson told us about the three little pigs. The pigs point of view was that the wolf was a bad guy but the wolf's mother point of view was that they murdered her son so she thought the pigs were bad. 

Current Events About the Bus Strike

 Today the whole class looked at an article. It was about the bus strike that happened in February. We had to answer what happened, where, who, what, why and how. Also we had to answer why we think the authors are telling us about the bus strike. We had to make a group of what one group thinks about what happened and what one group thinks about what happened. I worked with Zahra, our LI is to find and summarie information about a current event. 

E-ako maths place value - exploring teens

Today for e-ako maths, I was learning about digits and place value with tens and ones.I really liked this e-ako maths session because I learnt more about digits, like their are sometimes 5 digit number for an example,87264 and sometimes there are just 1 digit numbers like 9. 

Using T.O.P.E.S to write a narrative plan

This week for writing we made a plan of our story. I worked collaboratively with Zeba to make the plan. We used the structure T.O.P.E.S, we had a picture as our porpmt and we had to write. Our L.I was to write a plan for a narrative story.

Monday, 4 April 2016

How to be a great scientist write up

This week for inquiry, everyone had to choose 2 people from different groups (group 1, group 2, group 3), I worked with Pote and Zahra. We had to choose 3 rules from how to be a great scientist and use that rule to write a whole paragraph. This is our writing. Image result for pppst science
Collaborative Challenge:
How to be a great scientist

What is your Explanation about?

How to be a Good Scientist
What are you going to explain?  Why is it important for us to pay attention to what you have to say?
Scientist. A scientist must have a questioning brain, they will ask questions.They need to question every possible theory for that topic/thing.Scientists must talk about their hypothesis and other scientists must listen to the instructions so that they don’t get the experiment wrong which could lead to a success or disaster. Scientist are majorly used in 3 areas. Scientists must pay attention to what’s happening to the experiment so that they could have the right results.
Paragraph One
What is the first thing a good scientist needs to do or have?  Why?  How will that help us?
A good scientist(Eg:Galileo Galilei) must evolve by using different types of methods. For example, Galileo used a telescope to have a glimpse of a random planet (Now known as Saturn). Marie Curie used radioactivity on a animal & found its effect on it  living cells. Being a scientist also means using different types of technology & methods. Technology is very different from when the great scientist were alive, but you can still use the type they could use(would obviously take long). Scientists can adapt to different types of terrain , jungle, forest & etc. Even without the modern tech, they can still work but under hard environments.
Paragraph Two
What is the second thing a good scientist needs to do or have?  Why?  How will that help us?
A good scientist must know that we should clean up after themselves, just in case someone appears in the area of which the experiment was taken place. Scientist need to decide eating or not if it’s a  really bad ingredient which was lying on the table. This will help people be safe and not poisoned or not extremely intoxicated.
Paragraph Three
What is the third thing a good scientist needs to do or have?  Why?  How will that help us?
A scientist must know what they’re eating, for an example sherbet. They musten never eat something which will probably have a  dangerous chemical inside them. It’s more easier to know the type of chemicals you’re using. Even using a different type of that chemical would still be terrible. Even if scientist don’t eat the ingredients, it can still injure them depending if the ingredient is toxic due to the smell.
The conclusion sums up all the ideas and repeats a key message to end.  This could be a recommendation or a personal connection.
In this explanation, we talked about three things that good scientist do without knowing. Our first paragraph included the technology & methods scientist are good at using. The second is really similar because of the experiment theme. The last(technically, the 2nd to last)  paragraph is simple because it means 1 things children & scientist do alike. The last paragraph alone is one thing we all connect to.  Since the last two experiment involved Coke,Mentos & Sherbert, it's something which made our stomach crave in the inside.

E-ako maths place value - exploring teens

Today for maths, Mrs Anderson told us to go on a site called e-ako maths. We were learning about place value. I was making groups of ten and counting groups of ten with the ones. I was practicing the groups and the ones. In this session of e-ako maths I played with the ten frames and sticks.

Friday, 1 April 2016

PBS flag vote graph

This week we analysed the PBS flag vote from the whole school. I had to make a graph, but I first had to analyse the votes from each class, the people who wanted to keep the flag and the people who wanted to change the flag. Then we had to make a graph showing who voted what. Many people from the juniors voted for the flag to change, this happened because they liked the colors and didn't know much about the history. LI: to analyse a graph and see the information it is telling us and SC: use precenteges.

Auto Chunky Challenge - Spelling

Today we started spelling, we did this so that we could understand and read new words in chunks, because many people in reading couldn't really split the words up to read new words which they didn't understand and read properly. We had to find a partner and get a dictionary from Mrs Anderson, Zahra and I worked together. Mrs Anderson taped some papers together so that we could write words with the chunk auto. We then had two minutes to find as many words with the chunk auto. We found many like, autobiography and automate. Next we had to play some learning and fun games. I played the "Bouncing Anagram Spelling Game" from spell zone.