Friday, 27 March 2015

My digital idendity

This is my presentation about my digital idendity. I had to search some names and look for articles that relate to me for an e.g: when I searched my name up it came with some sites that really don't relate to me. I learnt there were lots of people with my name and people in my class to. I liked doing this activity because you get to see people with your name and how much they look different.

Monday, 16 March 2015

All about me - 2015

All About Me

My name is Nazella and i’m a student at PBS in Auckland. I am a Muslim so I speak Dari or Farsi. I will  be talking about my family, my likes and dislikes and my country.
My family is very important in my life because there always their for me like every time I fall down. In my family I have 3 rough brothers and 2 beautiful sister that are not rough and I have my handsome dad and royal mom. When I need someone in my life my family cheers me up and I love my family.

Image result for sleeping symbol
I have many likes and dislikes so I am going to share half. My dislikes are snails, being embarrassed. My opposite of disgust are, holding babies, sleeping, being happy,being independent, typing/writing.

Image result for bestiesI have many amazing friends that are always happy and funny.  I have two BEST FRIENDS and they are an important part of my life because they are always their for me when I fall or cry or fail or win or. My friends are sometimes family to me because they take care of me just like my mom or family. I am very grateful that I have friends.  

I love my family they’re terrific and always on time when I need them. I have many dislikes and my most thing that I don't like is falling down and being embarrassed. I love holding chubby cute babies. I have friends that are very important in my life because their just like family to me. I love my family and friends. I love my friends so much including my family and likes.

Friday, 6 March 2015

Maths Survey!

This is the 76's survey. I had to make a form and write some questions down. I did this survey because I RM 9 needed to gather information to make a pie graph or bar graph. I learnt how to decorate forms.

Bar Graph - Pop Stars

About Room 9

LI: WALT read information on a graph.

About this graph.

What does this graph show?  What pop star people in R9 like the best.

What is one interesting piece of information you can read from this graph? That Shirlix isn’t very popular and Meghan Trainor got voted as the best.

This is my bar graph talking about what what pop star is the most popular one and not very popular in RM 9. I had make a form and put some questionsI went to 3 groups and asked them some interesting questions that relate to Pop Stars. I did a bar graph because RM 9 wanted to know what people like in our class. I learnt how to make a bar graph on a spreadsheet. It was fun gathering information from other maths groups.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

My New Interesting Books

 I have choose a book from the library thats fiction meaning its made up. I borrowed this book because I like reading books that have lots of storys in them.

I have borrowed this book  thats a non fiction book. I have borrowed this book because it looks very interesting and also because I love reading books that includes people in the World and also the World