Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Stratosphere - Day 1, Activity 2

For day 1, activity 2 I was focusing on height restrictions. To ride the Stratosphere in Rainbows End, you must be 130cm+. Height restrictions makes everyone safe, and secure. By doing this they make sure that everyone is following the height restrictions since it makes sure that the people fit in their seats. 


  1. Hello Nazella, I really like the image you used in this blog post and how you circled it in red to point out the important part of the image. I agree with you on why you think there is a height restriction. Awesome work!

  2. Hello Nazella Great job again your doing very well. You dont need to work on anything yet because you didnt do anything wrong

  3. Hello Nazella,
    Nice work again your work is awesome and interesting. I like how you have put height restrictions photo's on your Activity 2

  4. Hi Nazella
    Well done for taking part in our holiday blogging challenge. This is an eye catching way of sharing your facts. I like the way the height restriction is circled for the stratosfear as it stands out. Are you tall enough for all the rides? I am but some of these are too scary for me :)
    Mrs A