Tuesday, 20 May 2014

How to annoy your teacher By Nazella

Yesterday Miss Thomas gave us a writing activity it was called How to annoy your teacher. We had so much fun writing how to your teacher. We all had to start with a bossy verb.
How to annoy the teacher. when the teacher is talking and saying instructions for what you have to do. on the teachers computer when she is not looking.

3.sleep in class time and annoy the teacher and make her carry you to the office to have a lie down

4.when the teacher is talking people are singing on the mat.

5.when people are fiddling with something that you're not supposed to be fiddling with.

Monday, 19 May 2014

If I was a Teacher for the day

If I was a teacher I would take the people that are always talking out of turn to another class or Mr Johnstone office and the people that are always not talking out of turn I will let them do anything they would have a free day where they can do whatever they want to do for the whole 1 week.

If the children talk out of turn I will delete all there classdojo point and until they stop there talking I will give all their points back and the people that never talk out of turn they would have a party and the people that always talk out of turn will watch them have a nice party.

If I had homework to do I would let the students that always talk out of turn bad manners talk back to me and off task I will tell them to do it so they understand how hard it is to be a teacher and always having to stop for them.
I would let the good students go home early and the bad students go so late till it is going to be 6.00 PM.

I would relax my legs and make the bad students massage my legs all day long till it my legs are better

When it is Halloween they would have to stay until 3.40 till they say they will never ever do those bad things again and if they do it again I will keep them on the last day of school.

And last of all, the people that have nice manners they would have a lolly scramble and the people that are bad will watch them eat all the lollies until they find their manners.

My facts about Narwhal's


Friday, 16 May 2014

Class dojo - 150 points!

Congratulations on reaching 150 class dojo points.  There is a homework pass heading your way that entitles you to one week of no homework.

Thursday, 15 May 2014


This week I have been learning in my class about inference.

What is Inference?

Inference is when you predict and before you read you make a guess that what is going to happen.

How you do Inferring

Inferring is really simple you just don't turn the page and you make a quick guess what is going to happen next

Words you use when you infer?
I think....
My guess is....
This could mean...
It could mean that...
I infer...
I predict...
These are some of our inferring
Baa Baa lamb was different to the original story (should have been baby bear) Big Bad Wolf was trying to eat the lamb - mint sauce, we know wolves like to eat lambs in fairy tales. Goldilocks is mad - hands on hips, angry face, said “not the bears again”
wolf wanted to be in fairy tale stories - said “How can I get into a fairy tale where I live happily ever after?”
Ma and Pa Bear love Baa Baa Bear - the Mum was hugging Baa Baa Bear tightly in the picture (Nazella), Pa Bear cried “My son, my son”
Pa Bear stood in front of Baa Baa Bear and protected him

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Amazing animals

I read a article that Miss Thomas made about Amazing animals.
I learnt that:
1.Chameleons can move their eyes separately.

2.That all reptiles have rough and dry skin

3.That Cheetahs can run more than the cars that drive fast in the motorway

4.Reptiles can change their skin in 20 seconds

5.That bullfrogs are the largest frog in North America

6.Some frogs call like a cow for an example bullfrog's can sound like a cow

A Horse is a Mammals

A Horse is a Mammals

A Horse is a warm blooded animal that feeds their babies.
They take care of their babies.
Horses don’t lay their eggs don’t have scales don’t have feathers don't have more than 2 eyes
A Horse is a mammal because it has hair on their body somewhere.
Mammals can communicate with each other with their sound and amphibians, reptiles and fish but mammals and birds can.

Horses are warm blooded They never leave their babies and they feed their babies they don’t lay eggs they don’t have scales they don’t have feathers and they don’t have more than 2 eyes.

Paragraph of A ------ is a ------ ???

What is an amphibians?
Amphibians are Cold-Blooded.
Amphibians are animals that sometimes live in water and sometimes live in land. Amphibians have No scales no feathers no wings.
For an example frogs they have no scales no wings and no feathers.
Amphibians have slimy skin bare bodies backbones and they can breath more than one way, babies breath through their gills and some other animals breathe through their nostrils and adults breathe through their skin sometimes. Many amphibians come out at night and some come out in the morning.
If a creature has a backbone, a bare body and they can breath more than one way they are amphibians.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Animal Classification 2

I made a poster that has reptiles Mammals fish birds and a question mark. I know mammals are Lions, Mouse, Giraffe, Rabbit, Dog and Bear, Because mammals have hair on them somewhere and they take care of heir babbies


I have played a game called OSAWEGO it is a really good math game you should try it

MY trophy

This is a trophy from e-ako maths 

My animal classifaction

On Monday we did an activity on animal classification this is what I done Animals that you can keep as pets, Animals that are dangurous and animals that are polite nice and caring. Please comment down which Animals that you can keep as pets, Animals that are dangerous and animals that are polite nice and caring