Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Current Events About the Bus Strike

 Today the whole class looked at an article. It was about the bus strike that happened in February. We had to answer what happened, where, who, what, why and how. Also we had to answer why we think the authors are telling us about the bus strike. We had to make a group of what one group thinks about what happened and what one group thinks about what happened. I worked with Zahra, our LI is to find and summarie information about a current event. 

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  1. Great work Nazella and Zahra. You have clearly explained the Auckland bus strikes using the 5Ws. You have clearly explained the point of views of the public and the bus drivers. You have explained why they have those point of views by using the word 'because'. I really like that you thought that a point of view for the bus drivers is being proud. That was great thinking, they definitely would be feeling proud that they have stood up for themselves. Well done!