Monday, 30 May 2016

River Safety

 This is my DLO about rivers. I had to note take this after note taking I had to write some sentences about river safety with the notes. I worked with Zeba. 

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Inferring DLO

Today I was working on this google slide. I was learning more about inferring. For this activity I had to look at the pictures then answer the quetions with that picture given.

Inference Riddle

This is a screenshot from a game I played This game was about infering. We had to read the clues given then guess from those things that were told, that is inferring. 

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Commas DLO

This is a collaborative DLO created by Charlize, Mahdia, Zahra,Zeba, Sajiha and I. This explain what commas are used for and why it is important. This activity is part of our learning subject SPaG so that we know how to use it and why it is important. 

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Information Report DLO

 This is my activity for writing this week, we had to make a DLO teaching someone else about structures, language features and note taking in an information report. For the couple of weeks, Miss Donaldson was teaching us about information reports. 

Friday, 13 May 2016

Paragraph about the shoes

Here is mine and Zahra's collaborative piece of writing. We had to plan, we had to use the 5 personification, smell, hear, feel, see and taste. After planning we had to sit back to back and take turns writing sentences. At the end we then did editing. Our LI: to use the 5 personification to help us paint a picture with words. We had to pretend that we were the shoes.

Ballad poem about Charlotte Anne

Today for reading, we were synthesizing. We watched a video based on Charlotte Anne, we had to also use our 6 colored hats. We had to answer all of the questions then synthezise which means get the information you know and the information that you found out and re-arange the ideas so that you can make an understanding. 

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Magestic Lion Pictures Logo

 This is my Magestic Lion Pictures Logo. I had to make my own logo. I had lots of fun making the logo. We watched the documentary called 'Forgotten Silver,' in the documentary, it had 'Majestic Lion Picture,' so in the activity we had to make our own logo. 

Japan poster

For inquiry we're learning more about our global neighbours. In this activity we had to use our group  we're in and find some facts, distance between NZ and the country, the flag, and some important and famous places in that place. 

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Japanese Language

Our topic for this term is 'global neighbours'. We have 5 groups with different countries like Thailand and China, but the countries are only from Asia. The first rotation I went to was Japan where Mr Wong was teaching us lots about the country. We had to do the Japanese language challenge were we had to find out some phrases and put them in a DLO. 

Sam Gyup Sal - Word study challenge

Today for reading can do's I completed the word study challenge. I had to find an interesting word from the story, write the meaning with your own words, find a picture, a sentence and some synonyms. 

Story Scavenger Hunt

Today for reading, I was doing the reading can do's. I was completing the story scavenger hunt where Miss Donaldson has chosen the different things we had to find in the story that we have read. I was reading a story in the school journel called 'Leave'.

Word Cline for Silly

Today, for reading can do's I want to do the word clines. For the word cline you have to find a boring word like how I chose silly then get better words as you go up. 

KFC creates a nail polish you can eat!

Today, I was completing a can do. I chose the current events challenge. We had to find an article and answer the 5 w's and the h. I was reading an article on kiwi kids news called KFC creates nail polish you  can eat. 

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Arrays DLO

 This is my maths DLO based on arrays. This week we were learning how to make a connection with arrays and times tables. We learnt that arrays are what the times tables looks like. We also learnt that x is also groups of in maths. 

Flag of Japan

Yesterday we had to talk about the flag of Japan. I worked with Riley in LS1 to talk about the flag. Then I had to make a DLO about the flag. I had to, compare the NZ current flag with the Japanese flag. Also, when the flag was designed when and one or two of the different Japanese flags. I had to find a picture with people using the Japenese flag, so I found two pictures of people using the flag as they're protesting. 

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Identifying the structure of an information report

Identifying the structure of an information report

LI: to understand the structure of information reports

Your challenge:

Use the key to help you show the structure of an information report.

Highlight the introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion by changing the background colour of the table.

Highlight the other structures by using the highlight function.

Body Paragraphs

Interesting fact (to hook readers in)

Title of body paragraph

Description of topic

Topic sentence that tells the reader what the paragraph is about

Tell the reader what the report is about

Special knowledge to help the readers understand


Blue Whale

The blue whale is a type of mammal called a cetacean and is a type of baleen whale. The scientific name for the blue whale is the Balaenoptera musculus. Blue whales are by far the biggest animals in the world. Even the biggest dinosaur that ever lived doesn't come close in size to the blue whale.

To eat, blue whales filter their food through stiff, bony, comb-like teeth called baleen plates. Their main diet is krill (small creatures that are less than 2 cm in size). A blue whale can eat up to 3,600 kilograms of krill a day during its peak consumption period. Blue whales catch their food by diving down to about 500 meters below the surface.

Blue whales are found in open oceans from the icy waters of the extreme Southern Hemisphere to the Aleutian Islands off Alaska at the northern boundary of the Pacific Ocean. Summers are spent in polar waters because food production is higher there.

Blue whales are simply enormous. Their heart is the size of a small car. A blue whale aorta (the main blood vessel) alone is large enough for a human to crawl through. They can weigh over 200,000 kilograms! Female blue whales are generally larger than males. Blue whales are light bluish gray on their dorsal side and mottled gray whitish on their bellies. Some have yellowish bellies.
Endangered species

The worldwide blue whale population is not known, however, blue whales are considered endangered according to the U.S. Endangered Species Act. For many years blue whales were hunted extensively for their large quantities of baleen, blubber, and meat. Although blue whales are protected, their populations show few signs of recovery.
Blue whales are large mammals that spends their time in the icy oceans.  They only eat krill and are not a threat to any other creature in the ocean.  Blue whales face the risk of extinction if humans continue to hunt them for their baleen, blubber and meat.
This week for writing, our writing group were learning about information reports. We had to read the given information report and highlight the right things, with the right color. We worked independently. 

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

The queen turns 90 - current events

This is my can do, this is the current events challenge. I wanted to do the current events about the queen turning 90. I had to find, when this happened, who turned 90, where it was held and what happened in a sentence/s.

Where in the world is Japan?

For Inquiry, LS1 and LS2 are learning about different countries in Asia. Everyone in LS1 and LS2 had groups, there was 4 groups, Thailand, Japan, China, India. Mr Wong was my teacher, he is going to teach us more about Japan. I really enjoyed this lesson because I learnt new things like how there is 'the sea of Japan'. 

Sub: paragraph and word wall

Paragraph with the sub prefixes

The subjects were on a submission to stop the submarine from hitting the big blue whale. The subjects were really hungry so they decided that they would go on a ride on the subway to go to ‘Mcdonalds’ and have a triple cheese burger. Mcdonald's was right next to a subfluvial .This mission was not very subnormal for anyone, when they had their Mcdonalds they submerged through the water from the toilet to finally find them standing in front of the submarine which was going to hit the whale at any second. The submarine driver was subordinated, the driver was fast asleep so the subjects had to think very fast.

These are our SpaG tasks, (spelling, punctuation and grammar) we had to find words that included the chunksub then create a paragraph with some of the words with the prefix sub. Sub means, under or below.

Monday, 2 May 2016

China Follow Up

 This is my China follow up DLO. I had some activities to do talking about China, I learnt about the delicious foods that they cook.