Friday, 28 February 2014

Friday, 21 February 2014

Eastern Beach 2014

Yesterday our school Panmure Bridge School went to Eastern Beach.
When we got there we listened to Mr Johnston because he was telling us where we could sit, play and eat.
My favourite part was when we had a scavenger hunt I found all of them and I was proud of myself.
After me, Zeba, Sajiha, ahra and Inotia mad a heart sandcastle.
It was beautiful.

This is us working together.

My favourite game

                                                 My favourite game

I love this because this game  is about basic facts and I need to get a bit faster at basic facts for the tests

I am poem

                                                          I am Poem

I am royal and zany.

I wonder if on Fridays I have Golden time?

I hear the cicadas singing

I always see people learning new things

I pretend to be a police

I feel something fizzy

I am good at reading and working out

I worry that there is a earthquake coming to new zealand

I say that i am going to be a police women

I understand that I am healthy

I dream  that I will not be  bully

I try to be a gymnastic girl

I hope I have a nice year in room 5   

I wish I was really fit

                                        I am Nazella

This is my name bow

This is my Name bow. This is art.
Neat means- tidy
Zany means- crazy in a funny or positive way
Lucky means- Good luck

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

This is my results

This is my results of my Xtra math.My hands were jumbled up so that is how my results became like this.

My score

                               This is my score on a game called pop up addition.
This is how you play it :
You have to give fish to the one that has the answer.
This is a addition game.
I learnt how to be faster with my addition.
I think I should try division.
I did really well at doing my basic facts of addition.
If you want to play this game go on our site and go on math.

Monday, 17 February 2014

Writing-Super wommen

If I transform into a Super hero it would be Super Women  because the time I saw Super Women  told my mum can I get a Super Women costume.I love Super Women's costume so bad when I was three years old, I always watched Super Women's movies. 

            Please comment down below saying who is your favourite super hero or favourite movie character?   

Friday, 14 February 2014

Room 5's Data About There Favourite Colour

This is Room 5's data about there favourite colour.
Some people were absent so I am sorry I didn't do everyone.
Please comment down below about your favourite colour.

My Fluffy -Poppy

                      This is my monster called fluffy-poppy. If I had one I would take care of it alot.

How to be a great classmate

My comment to my friend

                                              This is my comment to Sajiha

Monday, 10 February 2014

The tree house i always wished!!

I think it would be cool if I lived in a tree house because I could put a flying fox going up and down. I could decorate it my self  and have my own party with my friends . We could sit by the birds eggs with our bird costumes. And on my birthday I could make lanterns and throw them up in the sky.
I could get fireworks and throw them on the ground and they would do what they and we could sit on the top of the roof and watch the fireworks.
I would LOVE to have a tree house like this.

Friday, 7 February 2014

Welcome To 2014

Welcome back to 2014. This week I have been learning about Pamnure Bridge School Values, and also i have been learning about the Treaty. Pamnure Bridge School has new teachers like Miss Nichol and Miss Thomas who is my teacher.I am looking forward to atheletics this year                                                                                                                             with
                                             Miss Thomas