Thursday, 25 August 2016

Magic Box Poem

These past few weeks for writing we were focusing on the 'Magic Box poem' made by Kin Nisbett, our focus was description, we had to paint a picture in the reader's mind. We used powerful words to hook the audience in. We had to use verbs, and powerful adjectives. 

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

John Palavi's and Ryan Hoffman's Visit

Today, Alice from DTR asked 2 people from the Warriors, John Palavi and Ryan Hoffman. The two came to our school to talk about Hauora. Alice also chose 15 people to go to the Warriors game a couple of weeks ago.  Georgia was leading the assembly. We played, "Team Trivia" where we had two teams, John's team's chant was J.P (His nick name) and Ryan's team's chant was, Hoffie (His nick name). The team that shouted louder was the team who could answer. One person in the team answered, and if it was correct then they won a Warriors theme bottle. They talked about, sleep, hydration and belongings. Warriors always need 8 hours of sleep because of their training. A big thank you to Alice for giving these opportunities to Panmure Bridge school such as going to one of the games that the Warrior's played, and letting John, Ryan and Georgia for coming and spending their time in Panmure Bridge school. 

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Mighty Muscles Main Idea

This week our main topic was about: finding the main idea in a story. We had to read a story called, 'Might Muscles.' It was a story about muscles and how they work. But for us to find the main idea, we had to also check. We had to talk about how we know that, that is the main idea. In the end, I thought that the main idea for this text was talking more about our muscles, how we keep them safe/prevent them from injuries and a little bit about our muscles. 

Monday, 22 August 2016

Fast Facts - Mighty Muscles

This week, we read a text called, 'Mighty Muscles' which explains more about muscles and how we prevent them from injuries. For this activity, we had 5 minutes to list all of the main ideas/facts from the text. 

Friday, 19 August 2016

Run, Jump, Throw - Long Jump

Yesterday at Run, Jump Throw our focus was Long Jump. We were learning more about jumping and how to stay balanced after you jump. We learnt the differences between not bending your knees and bending your knees. We learnt how it affects you if you don't bend your knees (You don't go as far). We played a game were we had 4 people and 4 cones, we had to record how far we went. The people who jump the farthest had a little competition in the end, in the end Zahn won out of everyone. 

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Current Events Olympic Spirit

 This is my current events DLO, this is based on the amazing actions of Nikki Hamblem and Abbey D'Agostino during their race. These two runners are very inspirational people and are amazing role models who showed us true sportsmanship. 

If you want to read the article yourself, click here. 

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Modern Olympics and Ancient Olympics

 These two weeks for Inquiry our focus was the modern Olympics vs ancient Olympics. We were looking at how much the Olympics has changed. In this DLO we did many activities like a comparison and an alphabetical order that relates to the Olympics and much more. 

Friday, 12 August 2016

Provocation about Olympics venues

This week we have been learning to observe both sides of an provocation so that we can make an informed opinion. Mrs Anderosn asked a question: Should host countries waste so much money on Olympic venues? Most of the class said no because the money could be wasted on better things like education and poverty. People said yes to because it would showcase their country and it'll increase the amount of tourists.  

Get Wise Session

Today we went to get wise. We were talking about saving money. We heard about SSOU and SST which means Spend Some On You and Save Some Too!  He talked to us about his struggle with money because he kept spending it. He told us the system with money in banks and he also explained how we could actually get free money. You can get free money by saving up and putting money in your bank, then maybe the bank owner will give you a couple of notes and put it into your bank because he can see an improvement with your money saving, so it's kind of your reward for saving up. 

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Fractions/Decimals Game

This week we were practicing our number knowledge for our IKAN test. We had to play some games which fits our level, I had to learn more about decimals and fractions. In this game, me (player 1) and Zeba (player 2) played. We had 6 questions each and if we put the incorrect answer in, our points decreased. I really improved on fractions but I think I need to practice more. 

Run, Jump, Throw

This term for sports we're focusing on Run Jump Throw. We were talking about the basics of when you sprint, they're: cheek to cheek, high knees, light feet, standing tall, and looking straight. 

We then played a game which taught as about reactions when you get told to sprint. We then played a game called "Mouse and Rat" where we had partners and lied down on our stomachs facing each other and when Andy said "GO!" we then had to react fast and grab the cone and run back to the middle and put it on the floor to see who won. At the end, team A (the one on the left) won. 

Sportsmanship through art

Yesterday many people went to Netball and were learning about sportsmanship, the remained people were learning sportsmanship, but through art. To do this, we had to work as a team, collaborate and help each other with our strengths. We first had to find some silhouettes based on Olympics, we then had to choose our design for our background. We used shapes and lines. After we made our design we then had to put it in on our actual paper. We then had to color the background and put our silhouettes on. 

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Orienteering Refliction

This is my DLO reflecting my orienteering skills. I learnt many skills with the two teachers, Irene and Leon. 

Monday, 8 August 2016

Athletes Diet

For this term we're focusing on Olympics for this term. For the first two weeks, I was with Mr Wong talking about the diet of athletes. I worked with Zeba and Mia. We were talking about fat, carbohydrate, fat and energy. 

The Big Sleepout

Today for reading we were looking at Current Events. We went back one month ago to talk about "The Big Sleepout," which was a charity raiser for the homeless who doesn't go with the basics everyday. For this charity, people had to sleep on cardboard/rough ground which made them have sore backs. Today I learnt people out there need just a simple coin which could change their life, including yours. I think people should be helping these homeless people because we're all human beings after all and we should be helping each other instead of competing with people. 

Friday, 5 August 2016

Buddy Reading with Mahdi

This week we had buddy reading with Rooms 3/4 again. I read with Mahdi. After reading, we had to ask questions about the book, like, who was your favorite character? I had lots of fun reading with Mahdi and teaching him new words. 

Run, Jump, Throw!

This week, we had P.E. This term our P.E is run, jump and throw. The first thing we did was talk about what things are important when you sprint, there are three things; looking forward, cheek to cheek and high knees. We played a couple of games of Octopus. 

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Hover Bike Ad

This term for writing we're focusing on Advertising. For this activity, we had to choose a hover bike and make the person viewing buy the product. We had to use language features that would hook them in like, great value!! For this activity, I worked collaboratively with Mahdia. 

Olympic New Zealand logo

Our focus for this term is Olympics as it is happening this month. For this activity I had to pretend that the Olympics was happening in New Zealand, there are always logos for that city so that people know that it's/was in that country. In my logo, there is a kiwi which is native in New Zealand, there are two silver ferns because it is very traditional to the Maori people. I also added 4 stars because in our flag there are four stars. I also added the Olympic rings so that people know that this logo is for the Olympic games. 

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Practising/Recalling our Times Tables

Today the whole class was playing a learning maths game called Quizizz. We were recalling our 5 times tables at speed (10 seconds) using this site. It was a race between everyone, we had to answer really quick to get out rank. My rank shows me that I got one wrong, I need to improve and practice more of my 5 times tables.