Thursday, 26 February 2015

Flower Power!!!

Today we have been playing an awesome game flower power. Its a learning maths game. It includes decimals and fractions. We played flower power because we needed o learn how to order our fractions and decimals. I learnt how to order my fractions. It was a great day playing flower power and earning money. [ Digital money }  Image result for flower power maths   Flower power

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Independent Wiriting

I always wished having my own solar system and planet. If I had a planet I want to be the leader or all of those people, animal even aliens. If I did have a planet I would make it my favourite colour purple, blue and green and also the name of this colourful planet will be Colournaz.
And also my solar system will be called Colour Solar. And my name will be Colours.

I want my own Solar System and Planet because I would be the leader and being a leader is really fun because if you tell someone to do something they will do anything you want. And also everyone will bell down to me and say “O-mighty leader” and will always believe in me every day.

If I would have my own fantastic, outstanding, stunning, mind blowing planet and solar system all the living creatures would always take care of me and my beautiful tall and wide colourful castle for an example they would take care of my colourful castle instead of me standing up and getting the duster and start cleaning and then going back to sit on the amazing chair of awesomeness and if I am sleeping and I have to do my homework there won’t be noone to teach me anything like learning about the bodies of aliens and what temperature they need and those other animals and living creatures temperatures.

I want to have my own amazing solar system or planet because everyone would remember me as the most awesome leader and best like the best queen at all time. They will remember me with the most rarest book that has the most awesomeness outstanding people that took care of their creatures and people and everything they have wished for like their own solar system and planet.

Do you ever want to be a leader or king or queen Why? Why Not?

I hope you know why i want my own solar system or planet!

Monday, 16 February 2015

My 3D star

I made a 3d star using cardboard coloured paper. I did this amazing art work because our classroom wanted to learn new art skills. I had to get a piece of coloured paper by Ms. Kirkpatrick and start writing my name on the other side very lightly so when i need to erase I dont need any hard marks left on the paper. After we had to go over on vivid and then we had to colour it and then we had to think of what describes us most. After we had to go around the class and ask what they think of us and write them down . Then take a photo of you . And cut it in the shape of a house. And stick that on the shape. And Theres loads more of instruction I will hopefully tell you in a presentation. I learnt new art skills like scoring. 

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Homework - Extinction Homework

The Japanese game
Karuta is a game that we played last week we had to have 3 players so a captain and 2 players.What you had to do is have 10 cards 1 -10 but no double ups and the captain has to say a word for E.G he says 8 and there's 2 you flick two to your side and that is one point. I learnt how to play karuta in a different way. I learnt how to say my basic facts faster than before.   

Have you played this game before in Rm 9's version

Confidence means to me!

Last Week I learnt how to confident because we made a confident poster and we had to list some different ways to be confident and I learnt how to be confident. We did this activity to show everyone around the global to see and learn about this word whither its new or not new to them everyone should be confident on stage and even to your teacher when you have a question you raise your arm straight and proudly and you not mumble you speak clearly. I had to make a Google drawing and show what confident is and how it looks like and I put a quote on saying " Confidence is someone you create in yourself by believing in who you are!"

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

A game to play for maths!

There is a Japanese cultural game called Karuta. What you need is to have 10 cards 1 - 10 no double ups and then you need 3 or more players. 
You have to choose who is going to be the players and who is going to be the judge.
After that you lay them all on the ground and you have to get a judge to say the number for an example the judge says 1 you flip the 9 to you so you can have the card to win! I did this game because we had to lean our basic facts in only 2 seconds! And I did learn how to say all my basic facts to ten indeed!