Friday, 28 March 2014

My nouns, verbs, adjectives activity

Rippa rugby

                               My time at Rippa rugby

On Wednesday room 5 and room 7 was a team for rip pa rugby and saint Patrick.  We tried our best of winning.  We shared, didn't judge or moan  of how slow everyone was.  We just tried our hardest.  The good news is that Panmure Bridge WON    

 On who was playing

How to play rippa rugby

How to play Rippa rugby

This is how you play rippa.
You have to get a tag and a belt that you could attach to the tag.
Boys can play girls could play if they want.
Anyone could play if they want but it can't be babys.
We wear rugby shoes because itis quite like rugby.

No one could tell noone that they can't play because there slow, a girl, weak or that doesn't share.

My comment to Zahra in room 7

I commented on Zahra's blog because Zahra learnt alot of ways that people can bully at home school or social networks that your not suppose to be on if your small

My comment to Haliano

This is my comment.  I commented on Halaino's blog because he really tried his best of finishing this work.
Haliano has to be proud of himself.  I like how you wrote the instructions as well.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

List of excuses -being late

  • Copy these
  • Late for school excuses

    • I had to have a hair cut.
    • I didn’t turn my alarm on.
    • I didn’t find my lunch box and my bag.
    • I had to change my little sister’s nappy.
    • Visitors came to my house and asked me questions.
    • I thought it was Sunday so I told my mum to take me to my other school but then Miss Spate called my family.
    • It was really snowy so the road was full of snow.
    • Taylor Swift  was by my house and she told me to go to her house and drink tea and eat breakfast.
    • I saw Justin Bieber and I went to his house and he kidnapped me.
    • Dinosaur got me and he flew me up in the sky and I suddenly fell down and broke all of my bones then I had to go to the hospital to learn how to use fake legs and fake arms.
    • I saw a free and new guitar so I was looking for Mrs Eeles house but I went to the three bear’s house and all you would be seeing would be bones.
    • My mum had didn’t wake up

Monday, 24 March 2014

Class dojo - 50 points!

Well done Nazella.  You are a motivated learner and you work hard to be a Learning Hero every day.  Keep up the great work!

What if bees were big as cats

What if bees would be big as cats
If bees were big as cats you would get stang really easily and if  to have a shower it would sting really bad. If bees were really big it would smash your window and when you are sleeping they’ll would be stinging you all night and when you wake up your body would have to go to the hospital and you never know what they would do?

If bees would be big as a cat they would have to find a house and if your dog has a doggy house all the bees would sting your dog and cat and all your pets would be stinged and then you would have to take them to the vet.

If you want a bee that is big as a cat  and you're really sure you want it for a pet make sure you have nice food, no pets and have a bee costume.
From Mishaan and Nazella

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Place Value Game

This game is called Place Value To Thousands.  I know my place value faster and to me it seems easy and simple to me know. I am getting faster and even faster at my place value.  This is a really good place value game for learning. I had so much fun and I think you would to.  This is how you play the game.  So it will come up with some question and if you get it right it would say THAT IS CORRECT  or maybe something else.  This is a nice game for people that don't know place values  

Monday, 17 March 2014

Name totems

Name totems

Last week Room 5 and I made art called Name Totems.  I learnt how to reflect letters and use symmetry.Firstly I made the letters on this white a4 paper and I reflect it. When we have finished making the reflection we made a taniwha.  I learnt how to make a taniwha face from not copying from the presentation that Miss Thomas has shared with us.  The colours that I use were blue, dark blue, troyke and green.  I learnt my cool colours and hot colour.

Monday, 10 March 2014

Kiwi Kids news quiz

My results for the quiz  was 50%

Monday writing prompts-writing

My new sandwich would have soft taco and I would some nice cooked carrot with cooked lamb kebab, I would spread some apple sauce and hummus with a little chilli sauce.
I would also if there is space put some fried chicken and some sliced hard boiled egg.  

My number fun activity

Friday, 7 March 2014

Play ground - writing

Theme: Heart worldSwings, sea saw, sand pit, big slide, flying fox  mincart curly slide, castle with lots of candy playgrounds 

My awesome playground would have heart world as my theme.
In the middle it would have a love mincart and it there would be a the oldest love heart sitting down waiting for love water. If you go inside the heart there would be a hole leading you to the biggest flying fox. Beside the flying fox there would be the longest slide EVER leading you to the sea saw.
There would be a heart pound that would have ducks and chicks. If you swim deep to the end of the pound there would be a concrete trail leading you to the curly slide. The 
curly slide would lead you up to the biggest love roller-coaster. If you go ride the roller-coater there would be a sand pit that had fairy and magical dust.If you touch the magical dust you would fly and whatever you wished for it would come true. Beside the magic dust there is a castle that has lots of candy floss playgrounds.While I am playing in the playground I always eat the candy floss.

This is my playground      

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

The name for this game is math man place value I tried to challenge myself by going on division.
I found out that division is hard for me.