Friday, 22 August 2014

Kiwi kids News

This is my results. Once again I wthed the news and read some of these news on the site Kiwi kids news.Search Kiwi Kids News if you want to do quizes!

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

I am going to show you what I learned!

Yesterday room 8 room 5 and room 7 went to the auckland museem to learn about the word Migration

Friday, 15 August 2014

Kiwi Kids News

I have done the quiz from Kiwi Kids News. And I got 100! I think I did better than the other time I did the quiz, Because I only got 40 out of 100 and I think that was really bad. I have completed my goal and I watch the news evertyime with my family! I didn't guess I just had to remember everything from the news and I did so I got 100.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

There they're and their

I have done a quiz about words: There, They're, Their.
I only got 10 out of 15.

Keeping Clever

This is my retold story for the Ant and the Grasshopper. I only done this in 5 sentences. If you think you have a retold story in only 5 sentences please comment and let me know your own retold story.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014


In class I have been learning a new interesting word and you can see it on my poster it is Migration, It means when someone wants to move from one country or area to settle in another. 
I would tell you why I will leave because of the country or other stuff
I am not going to do   pull factors because I know that you are going to know my reasons why I am going to say

Push factors:

  1. War ,I would move to a new place because war is a really bad things, 
  2. Crowded living conditions, I would  move because there would be no Hospitals no doctors and no buildings meaning you would have to live in the streets, 
  3. Dangerous {poor safety}, I would obviously leave because it would be really dangerous and bad things will happen it is a bit like war or fighting
  4. Lack of services, I would leave because who would stay if you don't even get paid {No one}
  5. High Crime Rate, Everyone would leave because you would pay like $10,0000 for the best TV And when n  you come home it is gone
  6. Poor living conditions, I would leave because there would be lots of rubbish so there would be no way to get to your home
  7.   Drought, because the weather would make you starve and die and you would be so hot
  8. No jobs, I would leave because you wouldn't have no money meaning that you didn't have a job
  9. Poverty, I would leave the country if the president or government doesn't pay us at least enough to get a car and a house
  10. Poor Education, I would leave because they wouldn't teach you anything and when you do your test you would only get like Example: 5/100 so that is not that good and when you grow up you would get no job at all


Friday, 8 August 2014

Blog comment to Jorjia

This is my Blog comment to Jorjia I told her a positive sentence. And I told her what would be a bad idea.

Kiwi kids news

I have scored 40 percent in the kiwi kid news. I tried my best to improve my last score, but I couldn't I think I should watch more news to get 100 percent.

My made up animal

Sea crabby legs scorpion are Fish because crabs scorpions and frogs live in water streams and ocean so it is fish.  They are the most famous animal in the world because it is ugly and people usually like ugly creatures not perfect animals you might even see them at the zoo that has a sign that says “Most Famous Animals”

Sea Crabby Legs scorpion can weigh more than  100 more like 9000 kg. They have different colours so you can see lots of colourful animals like these so if you do make sure you get a baby because they only weigh 100 kg and also they are not mean to you ever, they are only $6000 dolours { just joking} because they are rare and endangered so if you want to see one at the zoo. They are the most Famous animal even though they are extent and rare and endangered. They have hair gills but they are not mammals so make sure you throw their eggs away, If you did you are in a great procession.
Sea crabby egs scorpion also has smooth skin because frogs skin is really smooth so its hands will be all mumb and if you touch it eww frog diseases {Just Joking} but you will get a frog's magical tongue beleive me you will.smooth skin. They have feathers inside not outside {so don't ask me why} but you can not see it so do not try to look for hair on its body it will take years you might even do suicide but if you are smart you can cut its stomach so you do not do suicide.
It is very hairy even though it does not have  hair on its outside just in the inside . It is 198 CM so you can see it on top of the  water

Sea Crabby Legs Scorpion eat animals that live in sea ocean rivers those habitats that get you wet except your house like for example fish squid clownfish Asian Small-clawed Otter so make sure you bring lots of food like these to this pet. They get hungry easily so make sure you have 100 fish ready for them to eat 90 squid 500 clownfish and you make your mind about having 30, 000 asian small- clawed otter or

They live in the seagrass  if you do not know what that is it is just sea with grass . They also live in the North pole sometimes once Christmas is finished to celebrate with Mr Santa  and Mrs Santa and you can go with it so that will be awesome if you meet Santa.
They live in Live in sea with all the fish because when it is hungry it just eats it , grasslands. They live in the reef and also streams and rivers to eat all the frogs. And they live in the ocean.

They do not breath in water but on land so make sure you have a tank in your house with lots of water in it.
They eat with their eye so if you see there eyes is burning put some water on their eyes as soon as possible.
There tongue is very long it is 60000 cm { that is very long}
They are the most ugliest animal but it is a famous creature and it is not native that is the bad news but they were native but now they are not.

Sea Crabby-legs scorpions are the most ugliest creature you can look yourself.
They are the most famous animals because it is not perfect and people do not like perfect animals or things. They Do not breath in water but on land this is so interesting right.
There eyes are to eat it with they do not have mouths they do but there one is small only 1 cm.
There tongue is very long it is 60000 cm but it can not poke tongues because there moth is only 1 cm so if you think this is a joke believe me it is not.

Maui and the sun DLO

This is my DLO {Digital learning object} about Maui and the sun. Hope you enjoy!


In class we have been learning words and their definitions: Continent, country, city and towns, I have done a vocabulary poster for The definitions.

Thursday, 7 August 2014