Monday, 10 February 2014

The tree house i always wished!!

I think it would be cool if I lived in a tree house because I could put a flying fox going up and down. I could decorate it my self  and have my own party with my friends . We could sit by the birds eggs with our bird costumes. And on my birthday I could make lanterns and throw them up in the sky.
I could get fireworks and throw them on the ground and they would do what they and we could sit on the top of the roof and watch the fireworks.
I would LOVE to have a tree house like this.


  1. Hi Nazella
    I like how you wrote good reasons why you wanted to live in a tree house, I also like how you described your tree house if you wanted to make one. KEEP YOUR WORK UP:)

  2. Your treehouse would be lovely at nighttime with lanterns shining and fireworks exploding. I'm sure lots of kids would LOVE to have a treehouse like this.

    1. I hope when it does happen you would be there
      If you want to be there?