Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Zahra and Nazella- I Fake Text - Current Events - Bus Driver and Public

Today we were exploring points of views, we learnt about bios (1 point of view). We then had to make an iFaketext to show the different sides of the public and the bus drivers. The bus drivers point of view is unsatisfied with the money and the breaks also the long hours. The public's point of view were unhappy and confused with what was happening with the buses. The public were also supportive with their point of views. It is imortant to look at the different sides of the stories/provocation because many people have different bias's, like Miss Donaldson told us about the three little pigs. The pigs point of view was that the wolf was a bad guy but the wolf's mother point of view was that they murdered her son so she thought the pigs were bad. 

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  1. Great work Nazella and Zahra! It is very important to think about bias and remember there are always two sides to every story. Thinking about the Three Pigs helps to show that different people involved have very different opinions. Well done.