Thursday, 31 March 2016

Differences with schools in Shanghai and PBS

 This week for reading, we had to read an article from the school journal. I read about a girl going to Shanghai all by herself when she was 11. She wanted to see what school was like. She said the school hours where really long and that PE was really hard. 

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Making an informed choice

Image result for new zealand flags
Image result for new zealand flags
Today at class, we were talking about the flag changing. Mrs Anderson wrote the main question in the board. Should we change the flag? We got into our thinking groups and made a t chart, we had to make a side with why we shouldn’t change the flag and why we should change the flag We then had to listen to everyone in the group, we had to respect their idea and listen. Some people in our group went on their netbooks to find evidence on their answers for an example how many years the flag has been flying for. We then had to sit on the mat and listen to everyone else’s ideas. We had to be very respectful with their answers. Many people had reasons to why we should keep the flag or why we shouldn’t. Our LI was: to make an informed choice. Our SC was to: read both sides of the t chart, respect people’s choices and to choose the right t chart side which really matters to you. The main focus was to make an informed choice and to respect people’s choices.

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

The structure of a Narrative

Little red riding hood
Orientation means introduction that includes the 5 W's.
Little red riding hood gets asked from her mother to drop some food off to her grandmas house, she also receives a warning from her mother not to take the shortcut.
An issue cause by something.

Little red riding hood does not listen to her mother and takes the shortcut and comes across the big bad wolf. The wolf sees the basket full of food and asks questions on where she is going.   
Explaining the details.
The wolf then runs to grandmas house and looks granny in the closet. Grandma and dresses up as her so that little red riding hood will be tricked
The issue is being solved.
Little red riding hood screamed and the woodcutter came as fast as he could to take granny out of the closet.
Today for writing we had to understand TOPES. We had to write a story based on Little Red Riding Hood based on TOPES. Charlize, Mia, Nazella, Zahra and I worked together to make the story happen with TOPES. I learnt how to write a quick story using TOPES. We did this activity so that we understand the  structure. The T is for tittle, the O is orientation, the P is for the problem, the E is for explanation and the S is for solution.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Police Gets Bigger Hancuffs - Current Events

 Today for reading can do's I also chose the current events. I went on Kiwi Kids News and found an article to write about. I had to read then answer the five w's in my own words. 

Story Scavenger Hunt - Wekk 7

Today for reading can do's I chose story scavenger hunt. This was really fun. You have to find many things in the story like for an example a word with 4 letters. 

Word Study- Week 7

Today for reading can do's I chose to do the Word Study. I had to choose three words, write a meaning in my own words, a picture, a sentence to go with up and a synonym. 

Word Clines - Angry

 Today for reading can do's I did the word clines. I chose from a list that Miss Donaldson had put. I chose angry.

Word Clines - Mean

 Today for can do's I also chose to do the word clines. We had to find normal words and make the words more interesting when you go up the Cline. For the challenge you had to do your own word so I chose mean.

Waitangi Day - Fantastic Facts

 Today for reading can do's I chose to do Fantastic Facts. I had to type on my DLO, key words, questions, what I already know, what I think I know and the site I used. I learnt how to skim and scan to find information.

Monday, 14 March 2016

Writing Prompts- I heard a loud CRASH.....

I heard a loud CRASH….

I heard a loud CRASH coming from the science laboratory, I ran towards the explosion but it was just my dad. “HELLO”, I shouted as my voice echoed through the laboratory. It was dark. I heard a laugh coming from the room ahead. There was an even louder explosion. BOOM BOOM BOOM! As I ran there was someone or something following me. “STOP FOLLOWING ME”, I shouted.said.  
I was running faster than a cheetah, I have never been this scared in my life. “STOP”, I said repeatedly.

This week for writing Miss Donalson had lots of writing prompts for us to write about. Our writing prompt was I heard a loud crash. We had ten minutes to write as much as we could about I head a loud crash.

Maths Thinking Groups - Week 5

 Last week for maths thinking groups we had to work with somebody and solve the word problem. Javeylor and I worked together to find the answer. Our strategy that we used was add one number to make a tidy ten, but if you add one to the second digit you must add the same amount of digits to the first digit.

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Narrative Writing


“Stop that thief!!” King Edward the great cried. James Bond was trying to run away from the royal guards, he was running like a cheetah. There was traffic jams all the time in London, but never in his life had he seen this much traffic. He needed to think where to go or what to do, but with the royal guards chasing him he couldn’t think.
“I have to go somewhere, ah yes, let’s go there”, as James Bond put his map away.

James Bond knew what he was doing, he stole the King’s crown for a reason. He was in James Bond’s secret lair. “Where is it?”, he said as his voice echoed through the dark lair. ”Where could that little thing be?”. He looked closer into the crown and found it..It was the thing he was looking for, it was the little thing that is currently the most dangerous thing in the world.

“I have to leave, I have to pack my thing up and go”, he whispered. As he bent down, he saw a little tracker, “Oh no, he’s going to see where I am.” He thought as he tried to take it off. He had to run, but where, and how when everyone is trying to track him down. He thought about it, “I’ll run, far, far away, but not to far!”, he thought.

He sighed, he was tired from the running and walking and everything, but he couldn’t stop. He ran faster and faster. He reached his destination, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, they would never think that he’d be there.

When he reached there, he was crowded by the royal guards, then King Edward the great stepped into the middle, “Please give me my crown”, he said slowly, crying slowly. James Bond thought fast, there was a routemaster bus waiting at the bus stop. He ran to the corner which was opened. The routemaster bus started going, he ran and ran. He stood at the back of the routemaster bus and it went. He wanted to get to the pond.

He arrived, he jumped off and dropped the USB into the pound. He thanked God. “WHERE’S MY BEAUTIFUL CROWN”, the king shouted.
“It’s here”, James said as he grabbed the crown out of his bag. He reached his hand and gave it to the king.

“What did you do?”, the king questioned.
“I saved your life”, James said,” If you had seen that video or whatever is inside of it you would have been gone, dead, and I saved your life, my mother told me that this would happen, you would try to see the what on the USB.”. As James Bond explained what was happening and what would happened, the king nodded and then he said, “Take him to the dungeon for stealing the most precious thing in the world!” The king demanded. James Bond wasn't afraid, he knew that it was going to happen, so he had a plan.

As James Bond was walking with the royal guards to the dungeon, he heard a helicopter getting closer and closer. A ladder suddenly appeared. James Bond got into his fighting position, he kicked the royal guards and punched him in his face. James Bond then climbed up the ladder. “To Geremy we go!.”

This is my narrtitive that I wrote. I used TOPES to write the story. I had to first make a mindmap of my plan then use that plan to write. After I wrote the story, I had to find a partner so that she/he could proofread my work. In this writing I was learning more about punctuation.

Friday, 11 March 2016

Quick Write - I feel over something mysterious

Quick Write 1
This week for writing, Miss Donadlson gave us some writing prompts and we then had 10 minutes to write what we thing. The first one was I fell over something mysterious:

I fell over something mysterious….

“Ouch”, Jake shouted in pain.
“Are you ok, Jake”, Mum said, “I can call the doctors.
“No, I’m ok”, Jake embarrassingly said in front of all his friends.
Mum was always embarrassing, she always had to be overprotective, but I mean i’m 13 for goodness sake. I have always been taken care of by Mum, she came to every school trip that I went to, even summer camp.
“My life is ruined”, I whispered.

How To Write An Orientation

This week for writing we had to make a DLO about orientations. We had to write about the orientation needs, like the tittle and characters. Our leaning intention was to teach people how to write an orientation or plan an orientation.

The Leaning Tower Of Pisa - Home Leaning

  This week for home learning, Nesi and I, had to find out about The Leaning Tower Of Pisa.  I learnt many things mostly about how many years it took. I learnt that it was used as a bell tower.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Orientation Writing

This week for writing we learned the orientation of writing. The orientation includes the hook, Characters, Setting and Problem. Then we had to find a partner and I worked collaboratively with Zahra. We then had to draft one of the Orientation and I choose the first one. I learned about the 4 ways you can start your hook and they are the action, dialogue, setting and sound. 

Word Study - Week 6

This week for Can Do's I chose the word study to get better at knowing words. We have to choose three words, the meaning, a picture, the word in the sentence and some synonyms. I really liked this can do because you can learn new synonyms. 

Smart Searching Tips

Last week for inquiry we were learning about safety search tips. Zahra, Mia and I were working together to make a DLO about safety search tips, I learnt many skills. Our LI: was to use our searching tips to make our searching faster and easier. I learnt that you don't always have to put every single word in the search bar.

Character Analysis

 This week for reading we read a story from an article, we then had to find one of the main characters and write 4 words about them and then write them into sentences. LI:to describe our own thoughts on a book and what we have read. I learnt about idioms,idioms are phrases like rub someone the wrong way meaning annoy your brother or someone. 

Friday, 4 March 2016

Mona Lisa - Home Learning

This week for home learning we had to search about the Mona Lisa. I learnt many new facts about the Mona Lisa,like how the Mona Lisa is protected by a the bullet proof glass. I really enjoyed finding about the Mona Lisa.

Tech - Fruit Salad

Today for tech we made yummy fruit salads. We used grapes, oranges, kiwi fruits, apples, pineapples, chocolate chips and dark chocolate pudding. We also learnt how to pass a knife and also talked about knife safety. We cut the fruit in small pieces and put it in our measuring bowl, we then cut the chocolate chips into halves and added some chocolate pudding and it was complete! It was the best fruit salads. Everyone was happy to feast, it was so fruity and scrumptious.


This week for science we also did oobleck, we wrote down our hypothtis, we guessed if our oobleck would turn into lipuid or a solid. We did the observation and we discovered that the oobleck is a liquid and a solid. If you put preassure then preassure into the oobleck it would turn into a solid, if you use light preassure then it would be a liquid, this is called non Newtonian.

Baking Soda and Vinegar - Science

This week for science, group 2 went to the hall to do some experiments.We first did baking soda and vinegar. We first had to write our hypothesis, we wrote if it would turn out to be a liquid or a solid, then we experimented . Everyone in group two was so happy to see what would happen many people thought that it would explode, some people thought it would turn into Coco Cola. We first tried the same thing, malt vinegar and baking soda. We all tried the same amount and everyone ended up with liquid. Then we tried different variables: amount of baking soda, amount of vinegar or type of vinegar. Our group of four chose type of vinegar. It was the same amount, but it was more bubbly and it was a different colour.

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Bus Stop Rotation with Zahra

Quick Write Rotation

Learning Intention: to understand how our choice of words create the mood of the story.

Your challenge:
Using the 4 sentence starters, come up with the next 5 sentences, and include some dialogue.  Make sure your sentences and dialogue match mood. You will have 5 minutes on each task

Once. Not twice, but once upon a time. In the land where East meets West, and North meets South, which is nowhere, everywhere and here, there lived a gentleman who was swaying in his old rusty chair, while he was drinking some hot tea. Tom was an ordinary old man who had never been in love with anyone, until the day he heard a knock on the door. He quickly with delight ran to the door with his happy face. He opened the door slowly and he saw something or someone. His eyes was blinded.

Her first instinct was to scream. This, as it turned out, was a very bad idea. There was a hairy thing growing from her armpit. It was roaring, she desperately needed to cut it but it was to thick. She asked her father to bring his chainsaw, but nothing happened. Her dad asked the Police, the Police used their guns but nothing seemed to happened. She then went to the pool to have some rest suddenly something screamed. She turned around to see who it was or what it.

The wind howled through the window. The girl sat huddling her knees waiting for the storm to be over. As she wished for that the storm to stop, it just got worse. Charlie then cuddled with Teddy the Teddy Bear as her teeth were shivering.”It’s going to be ok”, said Teddy,”I’m here.”Then Charlie, decided that she’s had enough. “I will deal with this I am a big girl now”, Charlie confidently said. Charlie then slept with annoyance of the sky rumbling.

This week, Zahra and I worked together with the bus rotation. We had to find a prompt and use that prompt to write the rest of the story. LI: to understand how our words which set the mood.  

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

DRAFT with Zeba

Today for writing Zeba and I worked together to stretch a sentence and DRAFT that sentence with two other partners.
L.I: To write a stretched sentence.
L.I: To use DRAFT to check our sentences.
L.I: To write a stretched sentence.
L.I: To use DRAFT to check our sentences.

Who: The wolf.
What: The wolf howled.
When: at midnight, the wolf howled
Where: forest
Why: moonlight struck him
The wolf howled at midnight in the deeply illuminated forest, when the moonlight struck him.

At midnight, the wolf howled in the deeply illuminated forest, when the moonlight struck him.

At midnight, the wolf howled in the deeply illuminated forest, when the moonlight struck him.

The wolf howled in the deeply dark forest at midnight when the moonlight strucked him.