Friday, 30 September 2016

Smart Searching

Today Mrs Ogilvie from National library came to Panmure Bridge school to talk about smart searching online. She had amazing sites that could help us with our learning and that are for our age range. She talked to us about a site called Epic, this site contains other websites that have information about topics we want to learn about. We then went to a site called Britiannica. This website has information for people in secondary school, primary and intermediate. We also got told about Kids InfoBits, this site is for kids and has information about anything. These sites also contain people reading the text out for you and has different reading levels. It also has images and video clips. 

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Para Olympian Kate Horan

This is my DLO talking about a Para-Olympian Kate Horan. Para Olympians have disabilities but still compete in the Para Olympics with their securely attached something. Kate Horan disability is her leg, to runt in the Para Olympics she must wear a securely attached leg.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Quick Write

  Today, for writing we were writing a quick narrative with 6 (Max) sentences. We had to be very imaginative and creative. A story starter we used was, 'Once upon a time...' We did this activity to improve our narrative writing, or recapping what we were learning about narrative for next term. 


Today for maths we were playing quizizz's. We were learning our multiplication, addition and subtraction the fun way. We had a code to enter to join a certain quiz (Miss Naicker's one that she set). We had almost 20 or 10 seconds to answer each question. We had our ranks, these were based on our the questions we answered. After a while, Mrs Anderson and Miss Naicker joined the race. Mrs Anderson came first. We did this because we were challenging each other, and it's a very fun way to learn your basic facts. 

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Panmure Library Visit - Stig

On Friday, we (Room 5, LS1 and LS2) went to the library to listen to Stig Wymess. Stig is a book voice artist who narrates Andy Griffiths books. Stig is incredibly funny. He talked to us about Borrow Box, a digital way to borrow book audios, including Stig's audios. He hooked us in with his humor and all of his actions. Stig also told us how reading a book wanted him to be an actor. When he entered, he Latham and Afu played a game 'Chubby Bubbie' (Chubby Bunny). We had so much fun. He made us laugh so much. Then everyone had a challenge, the people who went up had to say nothing but 'sussage,' without laughing too. After so many people, we finally had a winner, Zahn. The people who went up got prizes like an audio book. 

If you would like to look at what Stig does, click here. 

Friday, 16 September 2016

Thinkboard - Decimals

 Here is my thinkboard to a maths problem. We had to make a diagram, a word problem, similar questions that answers to 7.8 and our thinking. I really enjoyed using the thinkboard, it was very fun. Our focus was on adding decimals this week. I really hope we do many more thinkboards in the future. 

Cross Country

Yesterday, a couple of people went to the inter school for cross country. We went to Bailey Road school were we had to compete other schools. It was raining a lot, but we dealt with it. We saw many different schools with lots of skills. There were schools like Point England school and Stone fields. We had our colored bands, this will tell us what age/year group we're from. We had our race a couple of hours later, we were pacing ourselves and kept running although the course was very bumpy. The course was very long and muddy but we all made it out. I loved how everyone cheered us on while running. I think I need to improve on my endurance and stop less. 

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Duffy Assembly

 Today, we had our Duffy Assembly with our two special guests, Henry Tuipe'a and a sponsor from Main freight. They talked to us about why books are important in our daily lives. Henry told us about his journey. We then received our Duffy books. Thanks to Main freight for our sponsor with the books. And remember, "it's cool to read."  

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Teaching Ms Naika Farsi

Today I taught Ms Naika how to talk in Farsi. It was difficult but she learned most of them. This was for my confidence badge: Teach your teacher a new skill. 

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Fractions DLO

This is my DLO showcasing my strategies during maths with Mrs Anderson. We had to write out strategies down with fraction maths problems. I worked with Tiare and completed this DLO. 

Fractions DLO

This is my DLO showcasing my strategies during maths with Mrs Anderson. We had to write out strategies down with fraction maths problems. I worked with Tiare and completed this DLO. 

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Fun Run

Today, our school had the fun run/cross country. We did the fun run to fun raise money for the school. We were put into our year groups and separated from boy to girls. We all had to run a certain lap like for year 7/8 had to run 4 laps. While I was running, I was thinking of the breathing technique, and also pacing myself. I was focusing on endurance and trying to not stop. Year 7/8 girls ran together so did the 7/8 boys. When I crossed the finish line people were cheering. In the end, I became 3rd out of the year 7 girls. Next year I really hope I can improve on my endurance. 

Wednesday, 7 September 2016


This week for maths, our focus was decimals, and ordering them. Our LI is: Learning about decimals in one place. We understood that decimals are like fractions because you are cutting a whole. Firstly, we had to use a decimal line in our maths book. We had decimals given like: 0.9 or 1.2, so we colored the amount in. We then moved onto ordering decimals. Ordering decimals was a little bit alike to ordering fractions so it was a little bit easy. 


This week, we talked about the money support to the visually impaired people. We read many websites that told us about the support in different countries. Mrs Anderson then asked us, is New Zealand giving much support to the visually impaired people with the currency? We then made a provocation, a side that says yes we're, and a side that says no we aren't.

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Main Idea for Fast Feet

This is my DLO talking about the main idea for a story called "Fast Feet." We had to find the main idea by having 3 main points. In the story, there was a boy called Esela who was the fastest 8 year old in the whole school, he took running very seriously. I worked with Zahra and we came to an end that the main idea is: Why people call Esela fast feet. 

Fast Facts for Fast Feet

This week we were doing fast facts for a story called, "Fast Feet" which is a story about a boy that is the fastest 8 year old in the school. His nick name is Fast Feet for that reason. For this activity we had to list a couple of facts that were in the story. 

Read Theory - Read 20

Everyday for 20 minutes, we go on a site called "Read theory." We first have to read our passage, after, we had to answer the comprehension questions; we had three choices, A, B, C and D. Before we answered, we had to read the passage again. If we answered the correct question, we then received some coins which could level our rank. When we read the texts, we are learning how to practice looking back at the text to understand more, think about the question that they're asking you, and to just understand the text. 

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Sketch notes

These past couple of weeks we were learning more about sketch noting and trying it out. At first we saw some examples so that we could get a brief idea before we made our own. We made sketch notes so that it can help us understand our learning in our own words and pictures in our own layout. Sketch notes help you make a connection to our learning. Usually, you can tell a story within the notes you made. Sketch notes don't need to be perfect, it just has to be understandable to you. At first, we had to use a subject that we already know, questions, we then made a sketch note about, high jump, running, long jump, we then made a sketch note about Rio, with some facts. Our final sketch note was about, what happens in the medal ceremony? We also wrote down some emotions/feelings, we know that most of the athletes are always proud when they stand on the podium. 

Cross Country Training

The past few weeks, we were having out cross country training around the school. Every week our number of laps increased by 1 or 2. LS1 and LS2 ran 3 km. We were practicing our endurance for the actual cross country, we were also focusing on our breathing. To see how I improved, I checked my wrist to see how many beats I had, I would keep count of the beats. If I had less then that meant that I got used to the running.