Thursday, 3 July 2014

Maui Dolphin

Fotor by nazella socer

Every Thursday we have soccer with Ben. Unfortunately last week we didn't because Ben got mixed up with our school.  I learnt how to juggle,  dribble, trick/ skill, Pass Shoot SCORE!!! and Working together/teamwork. When we lose our games then we just move on with our lives we just forget about it because it was just a game. THANK YOU BEN FOR TEACHING US SOCCER!!! Ben "Do not forget play for world cup!!'

Kiwi Kids News Results

I have done a quiz.
There were 30 Questions.
Out of 3o I got 26 right, I am proud I tried my best I got a high number that is why I am proud.
I have learnt lots just about this quiz, hopefully I have a score that is higher than 26 I hope I get 30 next time.  I hope you try this quiz because you will learn so much just because of that quiz.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014