Sunday, 17 April 2016

Drawing of the setting - holiday reading

This is one of my holiday reading activity. I had to draw one of the settings from a book. I was reading 'The lost letters', from, STILTON, Geronimo. The setting in this drawing outside, on the ice skate floor, and I know this because someone says: "I get it! But skating isn't hard. You just need to bend your knees a little, keep your weight forward, and then let yourself glide." This is an adventurous type of book, as well as a book about friendship with 5 friends.


  1. Hi Nazella, I like how you have drawed out the picture. I like how you gave proof of then on the ice skate floor. The book sounds really interesting.

  2. Hi Nazella,
    Great drawing. I like how you explained what the setting of your book is.