Thursday, 25 June 2015

Maths Problems

This is my maths activity that I had to find out. I had to find out a strategy that will solve this problem. I did this to learn how to solve three digit addition numbers.

My book that I choose

This is the book I had chosen from the library. I wanted to choose this because it looks really interesting because of the tittle. 


These are my blog comments. I blog commented to AJ, Zahra, Sylis and Ofa. I had to say some feed back and some

Libray skills - Zahra and Nazella

Library skills


Today I learnt how bad it is if you copyright. I learnt that if you copyright you go court. Copying is just getting some elses work, this can cause to big and big trouble.

How to reference a book Using APA format - Nazella and Zahra

Authors: Name Boothroyd, Jennifer, Tittle: What floats what sinks [a look at density], Year Published: 2011 , Publisher Lerner Publishing Group INC, Place published: Minneapolis

The life saving dog

Surf Lifesaver Dogs in NZ?

Thomas Yule has been training an enthusiastic new lifeguard named Ted, but he’s not your typical beach rescuer – Ted is a dog!
Thomas lives in Omanu, Bay of Plenty, and is also a qualified lifeguard. Ted is a 2 year old Newfoundland, Thomas is his owner.
Water rescue dogs have become very successful in other countries, although mainly in still water such as lakes and rivers. The success of internationally water dogs encouraged Thomas to suggest a similar programme in New Zealand for surf lifesaving.
Water rescue dogs like Ted wear special life-jackets with handles attached for people to hold onto while the dog tows them in.
Depending on the situation, the dog would be accompanied by a handler who would help calm the swimmer or begin first aid while the dog pulls them to shore. However water rescue dogs are also trained to rescue swimmers on their own.
When he is fully trained, Ted will be able to swim 3-5 km at a time and tow about 12 to 14 people consistently through the waves and will also be able to jump safely from rocks and boats.
Ted is a huge lover of water and enjoys swimming. His sister is also beginning her training to become a water rescue dog.  What do you think of this idea?

There is 1 compound sentence. Highlight it and break it into simple sentences.
Thomas Yule has been training an enthusiastic new lifeguard named Ted, but he’s not your typical beach rescuer
This is a simple sentence because it has someone in this sentence, it has someone doing something.
Simple sentence: Thomas Yule has been training an enthusiastic new lifeguard named Ted.
He's not your typical beach rescuer
This article was about a lifesaving

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Tuesday, 16 June 2015


This is my workshops. I worked with Mr Wong to learn how to do make partners with numbers for an example: 8 and 2. I learnt how to say the partners in only 3 seconds.

Last year I also did this to with Miss Thomas.

Friday, 12 June 2015


My link to powtoon

I used powtoon to make my activity. For this activity I had to read a text and then I had to find an experience that I have done. I liked this poem because it had a lot of experiences that I have done
and most of them were what the NZ soilders did at war. I did this activity so that when I grow up I can connect information that I have experienced.

Link to the poem

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Subtraction problems


This is the link to my powtoon that solves subtraction problems. We had 3 maths problems to solve which was all subtraction. Subtraction was easy for me when I used the strategy's that people in the 76's used!
Please check my powtoon out and please try powtoon out yourself you would have alot of fun!

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Our yummy biscuits!

Tittle: Our yummy biscuitsphoto 5.JPG

On Wednesday we made and ate some
ANZAC biscuits. We all had different jobs there were wet ingredients, dry ingredients, a person that takes photos,people that measure, washer, scoop of the making of the biscuits, tray geezer. And also we had different groups. I was in the 1st group with my teammates, Jasmine, Javeylor, Eta, Inotia, Ma’ata, Angari, Irys including me. I was the photographer in our group. First we had to wash our hands so that we don’t put germs in the biscuits. I liked being a photographer because I could touch stuff unlike the other people. I felt sad that they couldn’t touch anything because they were trying to ich themselves without their hands. Second of all, Javeylor had to stir the mixtures around. She had to mix the oats, flour and the coconut around. Then they added some raw sugar so that it’s even more delicious. Then they mixed it again. Our helper (teacher) bought some butter that was very hot. She also bought syrup. They poured syrup in the butter, which was the wet ingredient part. Mixed it again, then they made the ANZAC biscuits. They had to scoop the mixture and then put it in a tray. Then the bell rang for lunch time, so we went. Mr Wong and some helpers went to the kitchen to cook all the biscuits. At last they were cooked and the bell for the end of lunchtime rang as soon as they were cooked. We all were excited to see what it would look like, what it would smell like and most of all what would it taste like. When I received two ANZAC biscuits I smelt that was the first thing that I did and then I took a bite and I was amazed how yummy these biscuits were. It was amazing I loved the taste, but sadly there was none for Mr Wong.
It was an amazing day with all the amazing new experiences, it was my first time being a photographer too which was awesome. My favorite  part was when we ate the ANZAC biscuits obviously.

Thank you Mr Wong for getting the ingredients and making the ANZAC biscuits and sorting all the things out.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

My information report about ANZAC biscuits!

ANZAC information report

This is an information report about ANZAC biscuits. In this information report it will have the answers to, What is the true origin of the ANZAC biscuits?, Why did the people make the ANZAC biscuits?, Who made the ANZAC biscuits? and more information.

What is the true origin of the ANZAC biscuits?
No body knows the true origin of the ANZAC biscuits, someone made them and just sent them to the men at war, thats what most people think.

Why did the people make ANZAC biscuits?
The people made the ANZAC biscuits because the men at war needed food, so the ladies made them. And also because they last long, because it takes 3 or 2 months just to get to the location.

Who made the ANZAC biscuits?
The wives, ladies, girlfriends and the sisters too.

Interesting facts!
The original ANZAC biscuits was known as ANZAC wafers. Before the biscuits being named ANZAC biscuits they were originally called Soldiers Biscuits.

If you want to make ANZAC biscuits then here a link that tells you the ingredients.