Thursday, 17 April 2014

Class dojo

Since I got 100 points on Class Dojo I can change my avatar whenever I want to.
So this is my results for class dojo for week 11.
I am really proud of myself for having no negative in this week.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Word work

I had to make words from
These are some

Comment down more so I add them

Poems _ Nazella

How to be a cat
by Nazella
sleep 24:7
eat fish and rats
play with cat toys
   curl up anywhere
run from humans unless they give you milk everyday

by Nazella

beautiful, colourful feathers
quietly calling to their families
moving slowly, walking on the beautiful green grass
large birds short birds
show-offs with their beautiful feathers

These I Am
By Nazella
I am a
dog hater
music lover
dumplings eater
owl lover
rip pa rugby player
boy hater
net-book user
Ellen fan
Santa hater
School lover
Awesome worker


A popular mine craft kid

Class dojo - 100 points!

Congratulations on reaching 100 class dojo points.  I'm sure you will have lots of fun creating your own avatar.

Friday, 11 April 2014

My art

This week we made art and this is it right above.
I have learnt how to flip [reflection] turn [rotation] slide [translation]
It was really fun colouring it in with pastel.
I am really proud of myself.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

My made up story

The man and lady  that survived when the world ended

One dark and grey morning a man went to the supermarket and he saw a medicine called surviving when the world ends.
The man thought that it was a joke so he got it and tried it.
The next day he saw that everyone was sad and all praying so he went close, then he saw a volcano running and everyone was trying to go to another country, No one had any clothes or nothing ready nothing, they just got in the airplane but the pilot was sleeping in the toilet.
After a while the toilets were burnt because of the lava.
The next day the man was sleeping and he woke up and all he saw was bones everywhere.
He shouted “IS ANYONE HERE!!!!”
He was really scared and he was really lonely.   After a while he saw a lady, she was crying louder than a lion because she said that  “She is a champion!”
The man saw her drinking the medicine that he got and he went up to the lady and said “Are you okay”.
The lady replied in a quiet and polite voice “Did you try that stupid medicine called Surviving when the world ends?
He replied “YES”.
The man said “What’s your name” in a nervous voice.
“Bella” the lady answered.
 “What is your name” Bella asked.
“T.n.t:” the man answered.
Bella sighed so loud all the glasses broke down to the ground.  The man grabbed Bella’s hand and took her to a walk around the basin and they talked almost for the whole year and they didn’t even know that there was a new generation.
They walked almost for six years and they got married when there was people {hummus}.
After they they had six children they left them and went to another country .
And then the world ended again and this is what happend at least ten times before Bella and T.N.T passed away and there children got married and they drank the medicine 24.7.

This is a made up story so don’t go tell all the doctors to give you that type of medicine.

Things I like

Things I Like

hot chocolate in the morning
playing with my friends
my jewellery
long books
m and m chocolates
sunny days
muffins for morning tea
holding babies
going on trips
my friends
feeding babies
                       Miss Thomas            
        playing games
          wearing new clothes
             and pretending to be a superstar



My results for the rest of maths was 59%.
My goal is to get good at subtraction so I move on to multiplication.
I have learnt to never use fingers {toes} to get the answer.
I got 59% out of 100 problems to solve.
Hopefully by the end of next term I would learn lots of subtraction with Miss Thomas

About ANZAC day

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Sun safety

This is what you have to follow

Visiting the libary

   We went walking to the library today to see why the museum invited us to come to the library for?
When we got to the library a lady lead us to a room  her name was Ruth.
When we got in the room we saw fish and all those seafood that we eat.
Then a lady was telling us a story.
We had groups, the groups were called putu and whea.  I was in putus’s group.
WE practised for the story, we practised because in the story there is war.
When we got ready we started the war.
In the story when we where fighting the volcano woke up and got really mad so he made a mountain in front of us and then the princess and prince made a family even when he didn't get married.
There was no war there was just peace.
After we finished the story we did a fun activity.
Our activity was when we get clay and we got a Maori necklace and we pushed it into the clay to make the mark.
After we gave it to Miss Thomas our clay in a bag and we said "Bye" and we started to walk back to school.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Colour Poem - Grey

This is my poem of Grey

Grey is sadness.
Grey is the sound of thunder growling at the sky.
Grey is the smell of the smoke coming out of the chimney.
Grey is the sight of dull wallpaper on your walls.
Grey is mad