Wednesday, 16 December 2015


This is my presentation with questions and the answers. We used different strategies.Some were easy and some were very difficult.

Word Web

 This is my Word Web with synonyms of disgusting. I had to find a word from my book and write synonyms.

Friday, 27 November 2015

Three Times Tables

This is my four times tables presentation. Javeylor, Zahra and I made it to memorize my four times tables well. In the presentation we had the times tables in different languages and one slide with an object.

Three Times Tables

Thre This is my groups (Mia, Zahra,Angari,Irys and me) presentation with the three times tables in different languages.

Two/Five Times Tables

This is my two and five times tables. I knew my two and five times tables but I was just recapping. Then I got tested by Mr Wong. This presentation was made by Zahra,Mia and me. We are going to be doing this more often so that by the end of the year we know our times tables.

Friday, 13 November 2015

Blog Comment - Film Festival

These are my blog comments. I really liked all the movies that I have seen. It was very interesting.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Ebola Writing

WARNING WARNING DANGER!! There is a disease called Ebola .Ebola is a rare and deadly disease that has caught most people in countries. They have travelled from Africa to six different countries that are now in Liberia, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, the United States and Mali.Luckily John Key is helping Africa to stop the disease and so their is 100% chance that it won't come to New Zealand.

This disease is really really painful and really powerful because if you have Ebola you get muscle pain which is early stages, bleeding from eyes, mouth and nose which is the advance stage, you will get a really bad headache which is the early stages, a sore throat which is the early stage, an impaired liver and kidney which is the advance stage, diarrhea this is the advance stage and you will vomit a lot which is the advance stage. And you will get red eyes, massive weight loss and you will cough a lot.

Ebola is now in Liberia, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, the United States and Mali because the people that has Ebola traveled to those countries trying to find a cure or for them to get a better treatment. They go to the plane and when they get there they just spread all of it to some people and they go and it keeps spreading to everyone.

Do you know that if you have ebola and you rinse your hands then you might have chance to make it stop affecting you, all you have to do is wash your hands. And do you know that if you donate a bar of soap to someone that has Ebola then you have 50% percent chance that you just helped someone stop getting hurt from bola.

Help People by donating a bar of soup!!

Media Safety With Money

This is my smart money presentation showing that you should be very careful about what you buy online. Sometimes what you see isn't what really is in the box.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Story Starters

Today for writing, I used the story starters for writing. My starters was about a 1,000 year old president that is very bad at singing. It was really hard drawing the pictures.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Line Shoot

Today for geometry I played line shoot. Line shoot is a game about lines and points. I learnt about 5 different lines, line segment, ray, line, intersecting lines, parallel lines and the point.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Old Synonymous

This is my word web with synonymous of old. I had to use Mr Wong's template of the word web.

Matching parts of a book

Matching Parts of a Book

L.I. Know the different parts of non-fiction books

Each part of a book has a special name which you need to be a familiar with.
1. For each description below find the matching term in the box.
2. Write in the correct term in the space provided.

index = Alphabetical list of all the topics in a book with the page number where the information can be found.

End papers= The first and last pages of a book.

illustrator= The person who prepared or drew the pictures.

Introduction= Information about the book found at the beginning of a book.

dedication =  Words about a special person found at the front of a book.

author = The person who wrote the book.

glossary =  List of special words used in the book with their correct meanings.

spine = The flat narrow outside strip of the book.

publisher = The company who made the book.

Cover = The outside of the book.

spine label= The label which identifies the book on the shelf.

bibliography = A list of more books on the same subject.

contents = A list of the titles of the chapters.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Why coffee is bad for kids?

This is my homework based on the question - why coffee is bad for kids? I think that kids shouldn't drink coffee because of the amount of sleep they will have. Even a Dr said that it is bad!

How much of marine wildlife is endangered?

This is my homework based on the topic- how much of marine wildlife is endangered? I found some facts, and put some pictures on. And the answer is 129 are endangered and threatened marine species including 42 foreign species.

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Maths - Compass points

Today for maths, I went on digistore to complete a task about North, South, East and West including NE, SE, SW and NW. I had to read the instructions and do different kilometres until I was finished. It was very fun and I have learnt NE, SE, SW and NW.

Choosing The Right Book - Non Fiction

Choosing the Right Book

L.I. Matching questions to book titles
Looking for keywords in a question

Here is a list of some books you might find in the non-fiction section of a library:

Which of the books would you use to find out:

1. How many people live in NZ?
Yearbook of Population

2. Which special stamps were issued in New Zealand in 1992?
Stanley Gibbons Stamp Catalogue

3. How to look after a puppy?
Caring for pets

4. Where the custom of Easter Eggs came from?
Dictionary of Customs and Fables

5. The date of the Wahine disaster?
Everyman’s Dictionary of Dates

6. Which records were broken at the last Olympic Games?
Guinness Book of Records

7. The size of Noah’s Ark?
The Bible
8. The speed of the first aircraft to fly under power?
A History of Flight

9. The story of how the first under four-minute mile was run?
Encyclopedia of Athletics

10.  How the Greeks used a wooden horse to enter the city of Troy?
Myths and Legends

Wednesday, 14 October 2015


Today for maths I played xtramath. I got 17 in a row. I think I should improve in my maths on my subtraction.


Today for maths  I played studyladder, I learnt how to add tens to to big numbers. Studyladder link.

Basic Facts Karutu

Today for maths I played Basic Facts Karuta with Zahra. I won, I got 6 and Zahra won 4. Irys was the judge, she was a very hard judge. I think I should move onto the 20 basic facts or maybe the 100 basic facts. I think I should also move onto division or multiplication.

Number Stones

Today for maths I played number stones with Zahra. Zahra won and I lost. She won easily, I need to improve on my division.  Zahra surrounded 3 of my blue counters.

Story Starters

This is my story starters. I had to go on this story starters, and use the story starter to write a nice story. My story starter is describe a day in the life of a nerdy gorilla who gets lost in the Amazon.

 It’s 6:00, Nerdy Gorilla has to read his handmade books about biology and maths including science. He reads until it’s 7:30, that’s finally when he gets dressed into his hand made leopard suit. He makes his eggs with his handmade pan under his hand made oven/stove. The Nerdy Gorilla give his cute, chubby babies half of his eggs. At 8:00 his sleepy wife wakes up, and now they can finally start their day as a cute gorilla couple. At this point it would 12:00 and finally the wife is awake which means they finally get out. It’s 12:10 and they are looking for some coconuts so that they can finally eat some scrumptious lunch. It’s 12:50 and that’s when his cute, furry babies have their maths lesson, 1:30 is when they get taught about biology and their last lesson at 1:50 is about history. 2:00 is when he has a quick nap. 3:00 is when they have a quick snack. At 3:30, Nerdy Gorilla has to make dinner which takes forever, because he is an amazon rain forest. It’s 6:00 and he eats dinner, 7:00 is when he finally has some desert. And it is 7:00 when he goes to sleep as well as his cute, chubby furry friends.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Birds Prey - Reading - Zahra & Nazella

WALT discuss difficult parts in a text.

This is our reading tasks. We had to read Birds Prey. Then we had to find words that were very difficult and find the meaning including the evidence. We had to work as a group to find meanings and evidence with the difficulty. We found out why it was important to share your difficulties, it's important so that you learn something new, to understand, to learn the pronunciation and to learn and learn. 

Story Cubes

Story cubes is a writing activity that I had to do.Story cube is a weird story made up from dices. You have to have story cube dices and roll the dices. Then you start a story. I typed down a story from my group.
Here's our group's story:
Once a upon a time, there was a bee. The bee saw fire from a mad dragon. He saw his whole family. So he decided to try and save his family. Apparently he died, then an alien appeared, the alien watching the bee and the bee’s family burning with a big happy smile. Then there was an airplane, all the people were very very sad.Some people were happy some people were sad. Then an alien squashed the dead bee. Then the alien rolled the dice then out came three people with three different keys. The bee had to choose choose a key, all the keys led to a different dimension. The bee chose number 3 and he went to a place called “Banana Castle”, there were no humans just…. minions. The only thing he had to learn about that dimension was how to say banana. Banana, banana and banana.

Monday, 12 October 2015

A sportastic holiday - recount

In the holidays I played sports to keep fit. I played soccer with my big brother. Then I ran around the block. After a while I had to wear new clothes because my mum said that we were going somewhere.

After a long fun ride, we reached our destination. It was the Masjid. Someone has invited us to their party. I met Zahra and all my other friends, I also played some soccer their to. After a while we had to eat, we ate yummy lamb kebab, we did not remember to eat some greens. We all sat down at one place so that we could all leave at the same time. We were all filled up and decided to go upstairs to talk. We talked about school and stuff out of the box. We were all unhappy that school was going to start. We didn’t want to stop the fun. and we didn’t want the holidays to stop.

We all left and I got ready for school, I was so unhappy. So I didn’t pack up. I just played some online games which made me not think about school. Then I fell fast asleep.

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Heart Foundation

Thank you, Heart Foundation for helping us by giving us a gift card to spend for a delicious and yummy wraps. The gift cards made us have a nice yummy wrap. We had a nice day at the super market, learning about the labels and learning what to eat and not to eat.THANKS YOU A LOT!!!


Baseball with Nick

Today, 24th September we had a baseball lesson with Nick, we learnt skills such as throwing, catching, batting and fielding. The first thing we did was find a partner and throw so that your partner could catch. We learnt about catching the ball when it's rolling, when the ball is rolling you have to make a triangle with the points of your feet the ball as the third one you would have to pick it up with your baseball gloves. Thanks a lot to Nick for teaching us.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Referencing a non fiction book.

Hudson, John, (2003) Magnetism understanding science, Smart Apple Media, North Mankato

Geometry- Maths Thinking Groups

This week for maths thinking groups we did geometry. We had to predict 3D faces and locate 3D faces. It was really fun because I got to learn something new. I had to estimate the shape's faces and add them up to see if my estimation was right.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Rubbish collection.

Rubbish Collection!

This is how to make a statistical investigation about rubbish. Room 9 has made a statistical investigation about rubbish, we had to collect information about what our school eat and also which classroom is the cleanest. Also which ever classroom environment was the cleanest gets a reward called the
Equipment needed:
A recording sheet
Pencil or pen
Plastic bag

First we had to make a recording sheet! We had a healthy part and an unhealthy part. Second of all Mr Wong had to choose some groups. One group had to go to the field and collect information Another group had to go to the juniors and see which classroom is the cleanest. And the last block was the senior block. Thirdly we had to go outside to which ever part we were told to investigate! Fourthly pick up some rubbish and tell your recorder where you got it and what it is (healthy or unhealthy) and record all the information. Last but not least, we had to award the most cleanest class on Friday the tidy kiwi award.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Inotia - Nazella Library skills, Non Fiction


What are non-fiction books?
Non Fiction books are books that are true and factual.

Who was Dewey?
Dewy is the man that made the Dewy system for non fiction books.

How are non-fiction books arranged on the shelf?
They are ordered by numbers.
List the following spine labels in the correct order:
Choose a non-fiction book from the shelves.
Does the book you have chosen include the following?  Locate and photograph

Index      The Index was at the back.                                                                        

Contents page
  webcam-toy-photo1 (9).jpgThe contents was in the front.        
Title pages The title pages

What is a glossary?

A list of speacial words normally at the end of a non fiction book.

The Part Adder!

 Today we used the part adder and our problem that we had to solve was 48 + 49 = ? I used the part adder: make your own hard sums to work this problem out! First I did 20 + 28 which equaled 48 + 2 = 50 + 30 = 80 + 17 = 97!

40 + 8 + 2 = 50 + 30 = 80 + 17 = 97!

Friday, 31 July 2015

Race the teacher

These are my results for xtramaths result for this week for race the teacher.

Friday, 24 July 2015


 This is my homework, it is quite alike to Room 5. My topic was Ancient Egypt which I found very interesting. I found some thing about The Nile River, The Ancient Egyptian Gods, Why The Pyramids were invented and also some facts. Mr Wong (our teacher) had to choose a subject for us to study like trees, ghosts, haunted houses, YouTube history, Nuien history, colours and more. We had to study that topic and on Friday (the day it is due on) Mr Wong (our teacher) chooses 3 people to present to Room 9. This week I have Horror Movies Based On A True Event, really scary!

Thursday, 23 July 2015

The Zoo trip

In the bus going to the zoo
Yesterday we arrived to our destination, we arrived at the Auckland Zoo. We went to the Zoo because we wanted to learn about the animals that are endangered and what we should do and to see the animals. We first went to the tigers only one of the tigers were awake and the other 2 were asleep, I was very scared because I thought that it would come and eat us up since it is a carnivore.
Next we went to the monkeys, the black monkey was very silly it was very smart too.
The next animal we went to was the turtles, the turtles looked like it was hundred and hundreds years old.

Mrs J.Taylor's trip to Africa By Inotia and Nazella

This is a photo of a giraffe dead lying on the ground,
because it had a fight.
Today Mrs J.Taylor came to our class to show her trip to Africa 2 years ago, 2013. She told us about Giraffes that had a fight with another giraffe which ended up dead because of its fight with another giraffe meaning these animals are very dangerous they can kick you and you will die. 

This is a photo of monkeys looking for fleas  nits
and they cut your hair.
There are amazing animals like this gang of girl monkeys that work in a hair salon. They actually cut your hair and take nits out if you want them to.

This is a sausage tree.  A sausage tree is a tree with sausages that can kill you if it hits your head. BOOM your dead, so you should never sit under a sausage tree.

Dewey numbers


Non-fiction books are arranged on the shelves numerically.
The books are given a decimal number according to their

1.001 2.362 3.500 4.593.9        5.994 6.610 7.629.2 8.737.5
9.745.5 10.808.8

Look through the non-fiction shelves in the library.  What subjects do you find at these numbers.

004 = computer = Data processing, computer science
796.3 = football
500 = Natural science and mathematics
821 = poetry
993.1 = NZ history

At what Dewey Decimal number would you find the following subjects:
Myths and Legends = 753
Fashion = 787
Inventions = 608
Birds = 598.2

Fairy tales = 398.21

18 + 8

I need to solve 18 + 8. I used the part adder tool to solve the problem!

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Maths Problems

This is my maths activity that I had to find out. I had to find out a strategy that will solve this problem. I did this to learn how to solve three digit addition numbers.

My book that I choose

This is the book I had chosen from the library. I wanted to choose this because it looks really interesting because of the tittle. 


These are my blog comments. I blog commented to AJ, Zahra, Sylis and Ofa. I had to say some feed back and some

Libray skills - Zahra and Nazella

Library skills


Today I learnt how bad it is if you copyright. I learnt that if you copyright you go court. Copying is just getting some elses work, this can cause to big and big trouble.

How to reference a book Using APA format - Nazella and Zahra

Authors: Name Boothroyd, Jennifer, Tittle: What floats what sinks [a look at density], Year Published: 2011 , Publisher Lerner Publishing Group INC, Place published: Minneapolis

The life saving dog

Surf Lifesaver Dogs in NZ?

Thomas Yule has been training an enthusiastic new lifeguard named Ted, but he’s not your typical beach rescuer – Ted is a dog!
Thomas lives in Omanu, Bay of Plenty, and is also a qualified lifeguard. Ted is a 2 year old Newfoundland, Thomas is his owner.
Water rescue dogs have become very successful in other countries, although mainly in still water such as lakes and rivers. The success of internationally water dogs encouraged Thomas to suggest a similar programme in New Zealand for surf lifesaving.
Water rescue dogs like Ted wear special life-jackets with handles attached for people to hold onto while the dog tows them in.
Depending on the situation, the dog would be accompanied by a handler who would help calm the swimmer or begin first aid while the dog pulls them to shore. However water rescue dogs are also trained to rescue swimmers on their own.
When he is fully trained, Ted will be able to swim 3-5 km at a time and tow about 12 to 14 people consistently through the waves and will also be able to jump safely from rocks and boats.
Ted is a huge lover of water and enjoys swimming. His sister is also beginning her training to become a water rescue dog.  What do you think of this idea?

There is 1 compound sentence. Highlight it and break it into simple sentences.
Thomas Yule has been training an enthusiastic new lifeguard named Ted, but he’s not your typical beach rescuer
This is a simple sentence because it has someone in this sentence, it has someone doing something.
Simple sentence: Thomas Yule has been training an enthusiastic new lifeguard named Ted.
He's not your typical beach rescuer
This article was about a lifesaving