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How to be a great scientist write up

This week for inquiry, everyone had to choose 2 people from different groups (group 1, group 2, group 3), I worked with Pote and Zahra. We had to choose 3 rules from how to be a great scientist and use that rule to write a whole paragraph. This is our writing. Image result for pppst science
Collaborative Challenge:
How to be a great scientist

What is your Explanation about?

How to be a Good Scientist
What are you going to explain?  Why is it important for us to pay attention to what you have to say?
Scientist. A scientist must have a questioning brain, they will ask questions.They need to question every possible theory for that topic/thing.Scientists must talk about their hypothesis and other scientists must listen to the instructions so that they don’t get the experiment wrong which could lead to a success or disaster. Scientist are majorly used in 3 areas. Scientists must pay attention to what’s happening to the experiment so that they could have the right results.
Paragraph One
What is the first thing a good scientist needs to do or have?  Why?  How will that help us?
A good scientist(Eg:Galileo Galilei) must evolve by using different types of methods. For example, Galileo used a telescope to have a glimpse of a random planet (Now known as Saturn). Marie Curie used radioactivity on a animal & found its effect on it  living cells. Being a scientist also means using different types of technology & methods. Technology is very different from when the great scientist were alive, but you can still use the type they could use(would obviously take long). Scientists can adapt to different types of terrain , jungle, forest & etc. Even without the modern tech, they can still work but under hard environments.
Paragraph Two
What is the second thing a good scientist needs to do or have?  Why?  How will that help us?
A good scientist must know that we should clean up after themselves, just in case someone appears in the area of which the experiment was taken place. Scientist need to decide eating or not if it’s a  really bad ingredient which was lying on the table. This will help people be safe and not poisoned or not extremely intoxicated.
Paragraph Three
What is the third thing a good scientist needs to do or have?  Why?  How will that help us?
A scientist must know what they’re eating, for an example sherbet. They musten never eat something which will probably have a  dangerous chemical inside them. It’s more easier to know the type of chemicals you’re using. Even using a different type of that chemical would still be terrible. Even if scientist don’t eat the ingredients, it can still injure them depending if the ingredient is toxic due to the smell.
The conclusion sums up all the ideas and repeats a key message to end.  This could be a recommendation or a personal connection.
In this explanation, we talked about three things that good scientist do without knowing. Our first paragraph included the technology & methods scientist are good at using. The second is really similar because of the experiment theme. The last(technically, the 2nd to last)  paragraph is simple because it means 1 things children & scientist do alike. The last paragraph alone is one thing we all connect to.  Since the last two experiment involved Coke,Mentos & Sherbert, it's something which made our stomach crave in the inside.

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