Thursday, 28 September 2017

Kahoot Quiz

Yesterday, LS2 students made a Kahoot quiz based on our knowledge about Elections. LS2 completed my quiz, and a lot of people managed to get more than 4/7. I worked with Shakaia, Sa Kae, Hajera to complete this quiz, it was fun coming up with new questions and collaborating about our learning. 

Facing Challenges - Kiwi Can

Our topic for Kiwi Can for the last couple of weeks is Facing Challenges. Today we played Hand Soccer which was challenging for some people while for others it was easy. This activity was a great way of learning how to work as team by cheering others on and how to pass to each other. 

Character Introduction - Film Study

Last week, LS2 completed a film study about The Princess Bride. For one activity, we looked at character introductions. We had to pay attention and see if the character/s were wearing dark or light colours, if the music changed once the character/s was introduced, and the shot type they were introduced in so we could identify if they were the antagonist (villain) or the protagonist (hero). 

Monday, 25 September 2017

PBS Fun Run 2017

Last week on Friday, Panmure Bridge School went down to Dunkirk because we had our Fun Run. The Fun Run is created so that students raise money for our school for things like sports equipment. This year, the year 7 and 8's completed 5 laps. While running, we had to pace ourselves and breathe so that we didn't stop. The hardest part of the course were the mountains, but it also gave momentum as I was going down. 

What is Coalition?

Today LS2 were learning about Coalition. We were learning about how the Coalition with Winston Peters will affect the NZ Government. Coalition is when a smaller political party joins a larger party to increase the amount of seats that they will have in Parliament. 

Friday, 22 September 2017

Scale Drawing

Last week, LS2 made scale drawings enlargements. Our original image was 1 cm each square, and enlarged it to 2 cm each square. The ratio would be 1:2 since we enlarged the original image. To enlarge the image, we had to make sure that we were following the original image square by square so it looked the same. 

Democracy Flowchart

Democracy is a form of government which citizens have the chance of governing. Democracy/Demokratia is originated in Ancient Greece which means 'Rule of the People'. Shakaia, Savelina, Brooklyn and I made a flowchart that shows how democracy works.

Helen Clark - Prime Minister of New Zealand

Since the General Election is in a few days, LS2 has been learning about Elections. For this activity, Shakaia, Savelina, Brooklyn and I researched a Prime Minister of New Zealand. We researched Helen Clark because she was a Prime Minister who stood out for us.  

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Political Parties - New Zealand Election 2017

Since the general election in New Zealand is on Saturday, LS2 is focusing on Elections. For our first activity, we researched who the leaders of the political parties are and what their logos look like. Shakaia, Savelina, Brooklyn and me looked at Labour, National, Green, Act, and Maori. 

Monday, 18 September 2017

Read An E-Book Day

Cover image for Mother

Today LS2 read an e-book since it is currently 'read an e-book day'. This is a day were people across the world celebrate modern storytelling on September the 18th. We used Tamaki College Overdrive which has a lot of unique stories. I read a poem called 'Mother' by Maya Angelou from the Tamaki College Overdrive. This was interesting because I had never heard of the poem before, but I enjoyed it because the language was powerful. 

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Say It Tika!

Vodofone and Google have paired up to make sure that Maori names are being pronounced correctly in Google Maps. Say it Tika is a website created so we could pin the Maori names that need to be pronounced right. This is a great way to make sure that the Maori language is being respected and the pronunciation is correct. 


Friday, 8 September 2017

Netball Certificate and Badge

Today the netball players received a badge and a certificate as a reward for playing this season. It was my first time playing netball this year. I think I had improved on my skills, and my knowledge about netball. 

Cutting Glass - Tech @ Tamaki College

At tech, the year 8's were practicing how to cut glass since we will be cutting our final design in the next couple of weeks. While cutting, we had to push the glass cutter so that we could actually break the glass instead of scoring it. It was difficult because you had to put alot of power while cutting or else it wouldn't cut.  

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Tamaki College Overdrive

Today LS2 were exploring the Tamaki College Overdrive. This is where we are allowed to borrow books for free, then read it in your browser. I like reading in the Tamaki College Overdrive because you are able to find great books that you have never heard of. 

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

How To Stand Up To Bullies

Today LS2 looked at why it is important to stand up to bullying. We focused on this because as year 7 and 8's we have to lead by example and speak up against this issue and help the juniors.  Joshua and I made this animation which shows a little story of how you could stand up and stop bullying. I have never made an animation so this was very interesting and fun. 

Two Word Simple Sentences

On Monday, Ms. Kirkpatrick's writing group were looking at two word sentences. Two word sentences include a subject and verb. With the two word sentences, we were turning them into compound and complex sentences. 

Friday, 1 September 2017

Tamaki College Visit

Today the year 8's went to Tamaki College to experience what it was like to be a year 9. We followed a normal schedule for year 9's. We first went to Maths with Mr Jones. He taught us about coordinates. To learn about coordinates we played Battleships. We had to ask Mr Jones where his ships were on the grid. After maths, we went to science with Mr Stoddard, where we learned about static energy. We had a few experiments. Our first experiment was rubbing a plastic tube on fabric, then we put it near water. We saw that the water was trying to stick to the plastic tube. After science we had lunch. We had subway, apples, cookies and water. Then we went to English with Mr Stevenson. We were finding visual images of 10 words to make connections with the words. We then went to P.E with Mr Moyes. We played a game called 'Turbo Touch'. This was very fun. We had to get the ball into the rectangle without being touched by the opposing team, or stepping into the rectangle. I had never played this game so it was extremely exciting. Thank you to Tamaki College for welcoming us into your school, and thank you to the Tamaki College teachers for providing such a fun and educational day.