Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Making an informed choice

Image result for new zealand flags
Image result for new zealand flags
Today at class, we were talking about the flag changing. Mrs Anderson wrote the main question in the board. Should we change the flag? We got into our thinking groups and made a t chart, we had to make a side with why we shouldn’t change the flag and why we should change the flag We then had to listen to everyone in the group, we had to respect their idea and listen. Some people in our group went on their netbooks to find evidence on their answers for an example how many years the flag has been flying for. We then had to sit on the mat and listen to everyone else’s ideas. We had to be very respectful with their answers. Many people had reasons to why we should keep the flag or why we shouldn’t. Our LI was: to make an informed choice. Our SC was to: read both sides of the t chart, respect people’s choices and to choose the right t chart side which really matters to you. The main focus was to make an informed choice and to respect people’s choices.

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