Monday, 17 October 2016

Rhythm Interactive

Today (Room 5, LS1, and LS2) we had a session of Rhythm Interactive with Lucy and Johnnie. It was very interesting because Lucy and Johnnie didn't talk because they said that 'actions speak louder than words.' We had to listen and follow the beat that Lucy and Johnnie did. We had to learn 3 rhythms by clapping it with out hands, to get it in our head. We learnt some songs and how to play the drum with them, these songs were translated into English; 'Together we can change,' was a sentence from a song we sang.   Lucy and Johnnie are partners who travel to spread the message of; 'actions speak louder than words.' 

A big thank you to Lucy and Johnnie for coming, and also giving us a drum for our music room. 


  1. It was a great session Nazella! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Did you find it easy following the rhythm? If I looked at what someone else was doing I know I got a bit muddled up.

  2. Hi Nazella,

    I think that you explained your time at rhythm interactive in a really clear way. You seem like you had a great time! I agree with Mrs. A, I also got muddled up when I followed other peoples drum beats.