Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Mighty Muscles Main Idea

This week our main topic was about: finding the main idea in a story. We had to read a story called, 'Might Muscles.' It was a story about muscles and how they work. But for us to find the main idea, we had to also check. We had to talk about how we know that, that is the main idea. In the end, I thought that the main idea for this text was talking more about our muscles, how we keep them safe/prevent them from injuries and a little bit about our muscles. 


  1. Fantastic Nazella! Knowing how to support your thinking with evidence is a very important skill, especially when you are trying to find the main idea because it shows that you understand what you are reading.

    1. Thanks for your comment Mrs Anderson, I really liked this activity, I really understood it more well.