Friday, 5 September 2014

Show not tell

One dark gloomy day I was alone at my new spooky home. 
"Hold it in for a minute" I said aloud to myself. I charged down the hallway into the spooky toilet that was making weird noises. I think there's a ghost opening and closing the door. 
“Come on!”
Why is the mirror shining so bright? My toilet tap turned into a piano and there was a voice singing a spooky song “MAMA WHERE ARE YOU THEY CHOPPED ME INTO PIECES AND NOW I AM HERE HELP ME MAMA!"
I was busting to do my business so I sat down on the toilet seat.
“Ouch! Stop hitting me” I said out to myself.
“I will never stop!” said a voice, "I have lived here for 3000 years and you have come here without welcome. I won’t let you”.
“I’m sorry, forgive me please, I will pack everything up” I said back to he voice.
Thank God I migrated to another place, I thought.
It is Peaceful night sleeping with my family. What are you doing in my house I lived her more than you I lived here for 99999 years get out of here ”.
“.Hurry mum and dad wake up”.
“Not again”, Mum said whining.
Another peaceful night sleeping with my old parents.
“Mum wake up”.
She sighed.
"Its such a extrodenery place to sleep in its comfy, I wonder were I am", My mum said amazedly.
“Mum!”, I said
“Mum”, was I dreaming or not”, I said
“What was your dream”, My mum got interested
“That wasn’t a dream” we are now in heaven Duh”, My mum said girly
“Honey why are saying nooo”., My mummy said
“Because you said we are in heaven”,I yelled.
“We are?”, My mum said
“Not”, my mum said quickly before I cried.
“Yeeeeeeeeees”, I said
“We are actually in hell”, My mum said
“What I did nothing wrong”, I said.
“Yes we stole people houses Duh”.
“Okay mum I am going to sleep”, I said
“AAAAHHHHHH”, I shouted
“Honey what happened get down your friends want you”, My mum said
I chased my dog down the flight of stairs down by the doorway.
“It was only a dream Thank God”.

And we lived unhappily ever after with my horrible nightmares.
"Who Said it was only a dream!", a voice came from nowhere.

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