Thursday, 10 April 2014

My made up story

The man and lady  that survived when the world ended

One dark and grey morning a man went to the supermarket and he saw a medicine called surviving when the world ends.
The man thought that it was a joke so he got it and tried it.
The next day he saw that everyone was sad and all praying so he went close, then he saw a volcano running and everyone was trying to go to another country, No one had any clothes or nothing ready nothing, they just got in the airplane but the pilot was sleeping in the toilet.
After a while the toilets were burnt because of the lava.
The next day the man was sleeping and he woke up and all he saw was bones everywhere.
He shouted “IS ANYONE HERE!!!!”
He was really scared and he was really lonely.   After a while he saw a lady, she was crying louder than a lion because she said that  “She is a champion!”
The man saw her drinking the medicine that he got and he went up to the lady and said “Are you okay”.
The lady replied in a quiet and polite voice “Did you try that stupid medicine called Surviving when the world ends?
He replied “YES”.
The man said “What’s your name” in a nervous voice.
“Bella” the lady answered.
 “What is your name” Bella asked.
“T.n.t:” the man answered.
Bella sighed so loud all the glasses broke down to the ground.  The man grabbed Bella’s hand and took her to a walk around the basin and they talked almost for the whole year and they didn’t even know that there was a new generation.
They walked almost for six years and they got married when there was people {hummus}.
After they they had six children they left them and went to another country .
And then the world ended again and this is what happend at least ten times before Bella and T.N.T passed away and there children got married and they drank the medicine 24.7.

This is a made up story so don’t go tell all the doctors to give you that type of medicine.

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