Thursday, 27 March 2014

List of excuses -being late

  • Copy these
  • Late for school excuses

    • I had to have a hair cut.
    • I didn’t turn my alarm on.
    • I didn’t find my lunch box and my bag.
    • I had to change my little sister’s nappy.
    • Visitors came to my house and asked me questions.
    • I thought it was Sunday so I told my mum to take me to my other school but then Miss Spate called my family.
    • It was really snowy so the road was full of snow.
    • Taylor Swift  was by my house and she told me to go to her house and drink tea and eat breakfast.
    • I saw Justin Bieber and I went to his house and he kidnapped me.
    • Dinosaur got me and he flew me up in the sky and I suddenly fell down and broke all of my bones then I had to go to the hospital to learn how to use fake legs and fake arms.
    • I saw a free and new guitar so I was looking for Mrs Eeles house but I went to the three bear’s house and all you would be seeing would be bones.
    • My mum had didn’t wake up

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